How to Get the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod and Fish for Bass



Fly fishing it is on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and you want to call a friend to have some fun. Something to get the weekend going. At this point, fishing comes to mind but can’t figure out how to do it and what to use. In this article, we will explore fly fishing, the best telescopic fishing rod and how to fly fishing for bass. Fly fishing is differentiated from other forms of fishing because it involves catching fish using an artificial fly. The casting of the fly is done using a specialized rod, reel plus specific weighted line. The flies vary in weight and getting to cast a seemingly weightless fly requires casting techniques unlike any other type of casting. But don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere!

Best telescopic fishing rod if you want to go fishing, like any other task, you should make sure you have the best tools for the job. There are different types of rods but how do you know which is the best telescopic fishing rod? Here we will give you tips on what to consider. Fishing rods is a small subcategory but going past all the marketing information can be a challenge as all of the telescopic fishing rods seek to position themselves as the ultimate fishing gear. To get value for your money carefully consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Collapsed length (how long it is when packing)
  • Extended length (maximum length it gives you when fishing)
  • Warranty (make sure you have some warranty to make sure you don’t get burnt when it snaps like after a week!)
  • Material (Is it part of a reel combo?)
  • Durability, usually dictated by the material (Aim to get the most out of your fishing rod for your money!)
  • Intended purpose (salty or fresh water, boat among others)

Personally, the most important criteria for choosing the best telescopic fishing road are; Cost, Durability, and Warranty. Whereas I list the three as the critical, I also wouldn’t want a heavy rod as this affect your fishing while also posing a challenge as you travel. If you are shopping at Amazon, I have some word of advice for you; look at the reviews. A high number of reviews means a product is popular and then most reviews should lean on the positive.

How to Fly Fishing for BassHaving found out the best rod for you, add the flies there and let’s get it going. First, let me give you some safety tips: wear eye protection and be careful of where the back cast is going. Always look over your shoulder. While you are fishing and you get your first strike hold steady. Otherwise, you’ll pull the fly out of reach of fish. When retrieving, make certain your tip is low enough to the water while pointing at the fly avoiding creation of a slack line on the water. As soon as the fish strikes, keeping your hand far from the rod, pull the line while swinging your rod in the other direction. The bass is known to put up a good fight thus make sure you are well positioned to fight the fish, be hooked up.

Sometimes the bass buries itself in the weed. If this happens, keep the pressure sideways in the direction you want the fish to go. Proceed to tap on the rod which in turn will irritate the fish forcing them to turn and swim towards the pressure.To prepare the fishing rod before you start to fly fish for bass, cruise the shallows and cast the rod into likely spots, this is sight fishing which is an ideal use of the fly rod.

Also, I will advise you to strip out the amount of line needed and cast it out then coil it on the deck. This way, you avoid a tangled mess at your first cast. Always keep your rod strung up and ready, to achieve this I advocate for running the line from the tip behind the reel and back to the last stripping guide and subsequently hook the line onto the guide support.With this information you now know how to fly fish for bass whether for sport or fun, so go on and enjoy the outdoors.

This type of activity is sure way of kicking the fun up a notch. Significantly.


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