Five Things You Should Avoid Doing in Brazil


Brazil is an extremely popular country to visit in South America. The Amazon rainforest, golden, sandy beaches and of course Christ the Redeemer are just some of things to see. There however some bad points. Most Brazilians are friendly and laid-back, but they can be rude at times to visitors who commit social faux pas. Here are some things that you should avoid doing during your stay in Brazil:

Being Impatient

This is one of the major mistakes many people make when they visit Brazil. Lateness is nearly a way of life in Brazil, and the lines at stores and ATM’s will make you understand why. Do what the locals do to pass time like checking social media and reading e-mails. You should also know that in Brazil “I’m arriving” or “estou chegando”, many times means that they are at home, but are going to arrive sometime during that day.

Try to Hide Your Wealth

There are many cities in Brazil that have high crime rates, with most of the victims being travellers. To avoid this, you should avoid making yourself a target. Carry a very cheap phone, hide your camera when you are not using it, and avoid wearing jewellery. You should also think about carrying a second cheap phone and small notes if you happen to be robbed. If you have to carry large bills, you should hide them, and do not carry your credit cards or passport.

Do Not Be Afraid of Showing Skin on the Beaches

On the beaches, less is more. While the dental floss bikinis are no longer in fashion, small bathing suits are the norm. The locals do not care about the way that you look, and it is common for women and men of all shapes and sizes to wear bikinis and tight trunks.

No Criticising Brazil

While the locals are known for being vocal about their homeland, this does not mean that you can be. You should avoid speaking down about Brazil; if a local overhears you they won’t be best pleased. At the same time, try to avoid praising the country too much because Brazilians know there are problems in their country.

Being Squeamish About Meat

Many Brazilians love their meat, and their beef is some of the best in the world. However, if you are not a fan of odd cuts, you should note that before your meal. Many locals enjoy delights like cow-foot soup and chicken hearts. Most Brazilians will understand if you say no, but do not express distaste or disgust because you could offend people at the table. You can find many places that still serve standard cuts.

Brazil is a wonderful country with an enormous amount to see. Getting the is easier than ever with cheap flights to Brazil readily available. It is important before you go to take some time to learn about Brazil and its culture. This can help your trip be more enjoyable and relaxing, all while staying safe.