Five Outdoor Features to Complement Your Pool

A pool is a place for laughter, frolicking and relaxation. It is the focal point for a backyard, where visitors gather around and mingle in the hot sun.To fully realise your pool’s potential andcreate a welcoming, sociable environment, complement it with these five outdoor features and enjoy the effects instantly.

1. Lights

Summer nights are often spent outdoors, taking advantage of fresh air and pleasant breezes. Make use of your backyard by installing garden lights, including around your pool. Outdoor lighting has many benefits; it can help secure your home, prevent accidents and is an inexpensive way to draw attention to your pool.Lighting within your pool can also create alluring shadows and reflections; take into account the pool’s size, shape, depth and colour when making your selection.

2. Sun Loungers

While tanning should never be a full-time activity, enjoy the sun’s warmth after a swim by stretching out on a sun lounger, conveniently placed beside your pool. Relax, read, have a quick nap and get dry; your new pool accessory may soon become too popular for you to use!

3. Outdoor Setting

Far away enough to stay dry and close enough to watch and be entertained by the the splashes and water acrobatics, an outdoor setting is ideal for poolside meals and drinks. Stores such as Super A-Mart sell a variety of table and chair packages, ranging from two-piece to 11-piece sets. If you have young children, poolside furniturewill allow you to keep a close eye on them and stay comfortable at the same time.

4. Gazebo

Sitting at your brand new outdoor setting, the sun shining overhead, you begin to feel uneasy, bothered by the sweat that is rapidly spreading over your body. Fix this situation by installing a roof, pergola or tarp overhead to provide some shade. A gazebo is a great option if you want a more aesthetically pleasing solution and can afford it. Separate from the main house, visiting your gazebo will also feel like a mini getaway, a place where you can relax in solitude.

5. BBQ

Along with swimming in your pool, having a BBQ is a quintessential summer pastime. Why not combine the two? Buy a BBQ, place it near your pool and outdoor setting, and soon you’ll be feasting on sausages, steak and grilled vegetables; all after swimming of course. Hosting a BBQ is also a wonderful way to connect with friends and family and show off your new, well-equipped backyard.

Now that you have the full outdoor package, don’t be surprised if neighbours or acquaintances begin expressing a desire to pop over every now and then. In fact, you may need to start turning people away! A pool is a wonderful asset for any home and requires time, effort and money for its installation and maintenance, so make the most out of it by investing in the yard as a whole. If you have further ideas or feedback to share, please do so by commenting below.