Finisterre Zephyr Range Review 

My housemate and I had been planning on getting out on our bikes during January, once the frost and snow had cleared.  I love getting out on the bike on a nice crisp morning and it is my aim to get out on my bike more throughout 2015.  I had recently received a pair of Finisterre Zephyr long johns and a Zephyr base layer top and thought that it would be as good a time as any to give them a try, as my housemate and I intended on cycling along the Trans Pennine Trail, which is near to where I live.

As the zephyr range from Finisterre uses Merino wool, it is perfect for keeping you warm during the wintertime and cool when the climate’s a bit hotter.  This is what intrigued me about it.  Although I don’t necessarily mind spending money on good quality season-specific products, if I can save a bit of money on something that is more versatile and can be worn at any time of the year, then I am even happier.  As you will see from the rest of the review, the Finisterre range more than meet this criterion.

finisterre_P1_merino-1I discovered very early on into our cycling trip that the long johns and base layer top were perfect for outdoor activities; they kept me warm without feeling too heavy or cumbersome.  At several points throughout our ride actually my housemate complained about how cold it was.  I was surprised as I didn’t notice the cold at all, so I put that down to the fact I had the extra layer of clothing on.  I know a little bit about knitting and know that my girlfriend loves merino wool because it is very soft and luxurious.  The idea of using that in outdoor clothing makes perfect sense.


Finisterre is known for creating durable and well-crafted products.  While functionality is obviously important, it is not without paying attention to the need for things that look and feel good too.  When we had finished our cycle and got home for a nice hot cup of coffee my mate admitted he was perhaps a bit short-sighted going out without a good base layer on and is already interested in buying some of the Finisterre range because of the experience I had wearing them.

In my opinion, if you are looking for layer clothing for outdoor pursuits, regardless of whether they are water or land based; you could do a lot worse than buying some of the Finisterre range.  If you really want good quality gear, it is true that you do need to spend a bit of money, but that does not mean you have to spend too much.  The Finisterre range, including the Zephyr line that I have spoken about in this article, are not only are sweat wicking, meaning they keep the sweat from your body to stop you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable, but are very comfortable and luxurious and most importantly when you are working up a sweat; they are odour resistant.