Explore the UK: A Weekend Trip to Norwich

We all deserve a break now and again. It doesn’t need to be something expensive that involves weeks of planning – sometimes a weekend trip somewhere new is all it takes to give us a fresh perspective and rejuvenate our sense of adventure.

The next time you’re feeling restless, try a getaway to Norwich, one of the most beautiful, historic corners of the country. Designated as England’s first (and only) UNESCO City of Literature in 2012, this picturesque city, situated near the River Wensum, is known for being a hub of art, culture and heritage.

Here’s a quick list of some essential bits of Norwich not to miss – things to eat, drink, explore and more.

Norwich Castle Acre Priory


Norwich Castle Acre Priory (image source: Glenn Wood via Flickr Creative Commons)

For you history buffs, a visit to these historic ruins is an absolute must. This area remains one of the largest, best-kept monastic sites in the entire country – you can explore the prior’s lodging, west front and cloister. All are in incredible condition, given the fact that it dates all the way back to 1090. For more information, visit the English Heritage site here.

The Royal Arcade


Langleys Toys in the Royal Arcade (image source: Beth via Flickr Creative Commons)

This Victorian shopping arcade, which opened in 1899, is a stunning example of art nouveau architecture and old-world opulence. The arcade features a variety of fun local shops like Langleys Toys (first opened in 1883!) and Colman’s Mustard Shop & Museum (one of the city’s most prized heritage attractions), as well as eateries like Jamie’s Italian Norwich, featuring delicious, family-style Italian dining and an award-winning kids’ menu.

The Adam & Eve


The Adam and Eve Pub (image source: Paul via Flickr Creative Commons)

This charming pub is thought to be the oldest pub in Norwich, dating back to the 13th century. Adrian Tierney-Jones, beer journalist writing for The Telegraph, describes it as ‘a time bubble with that blissful sense of lived-in comfortableness, like an old tweed jacket that just gets better the older and more worn it becomes.’ Featuring a selection of tasty local brews, this is the perfect place to quench your thirst.

This is also the starting point for Ghost Walks of Norwich. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, prepare for the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end as you are guided through Norwich’s spectral history by The Man in Black. For tour information, visit their site here.

Elm Hill


Elm Hill (image source: Tim Caynes via Flickr Creative Commons)

Stroll down this picturesque, cobbled street and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. This is one of the oldest streets in Norwich, lined with many local shops like the Britons Arms Coffee House & Restaurant and the Dormouse Bookshop. This area has also been used a set for many films and TV shows, like the 2007 fantasy adventure feature ‘Stardust.’

Number 15 Bed & Breakfast

(image source: Pixabay)

A weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without a lovely, quiet place to rest your head at night. Number 15 is a cosy bed and breakfast located on tree-lined Grange Road. Run by Ian Rycroft, an accredited massage therapist, vegetarian and committed environmentalist, this place offers guests vegetarian and vegan dining options, as well as holistic massages and Bowen Therapy treatments. Visit the Number 15 site for more information.


As fun as it is to hole yourself away and binge on Netflix for a whole weekend, there’s so much out there to explore – so get going!