Explore Britian Like Never Before With These Top Tips

For Such a small island there certainly is a lot to see and do in Britain. Whether you are excited by history, out to explore the legend of King Arthur. Or a movie fanatic, keen to visit one of the biggest screens in the world. Britain’s got something for everyone. But if you want to get the most out of your visit you may need some advice. We have got some tips that will make exploring the Uk a trip to remember.

Carry On Camping

If you want to experience British culture or get to know the country better, you need to be adventurous. The best place to start is to travel in a campervan. This means you are not tied down to where you go next because you have booked a hotel. You can take your time. You can choose where you want to focus most of your attention. It is also a whole heap of fun. You will meet other people taking the same adventure as you. Take a portable bbq and eat out under the stars. Stop by a lake for the evening and watch the birds soaring down to catch their dinner. There is nothing like the sense of freedom you will experience. Do be sure to get the best deal on campervan insurance you can. Better safe than sorry.

Plan Ahead

We are not suggesting you plan thoroughly. But doing a bit of research before you go is never a bad idea. That way you will know that Legoland is in Windsor. Your kids will love the theme park designed specifically for them. They can get their first driving certificate there. Do you know where the legend of Merlin the wizard began? That would be down in Cornwall at Tintagel. If you know where you are going, you will not miss out on any life experiences ahead of you on the road.

Know The Sites

Understand what place will suit you best. If you love cinema you need to head down to London. You may even see some of the stars Shopping on Oxford Street. But you can definitely visit the harry potter sets at Warner Bros. Studios. Or maybe even see the new Bond being filmed at Pinewood. You will never know what you may find unless you go there yourself.

Then again, you might be looking for a little traditional romance. Visit the southern British moors that inspired literary classics such as Wuthering Heights. Or why not travel to the mystical town of Lumphanan and learn of the witches that used to live there.

On The Edge Of The Map

Our final piece of advice. Do not be afraid to journey off the road. Take routes you are unsure of. You may find things you never knew you were looking for. If you see a peculiar structure at the top of a mountain go and investigate it. It could be an ancient ruin from a legendary time.

Use this advice and you are sure to have a trip to remember when taking your trip around Great Britain.

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