Your Essential Summer Beach Bag Tick List

When it comes to summer, we all want to spend a few days beside the seaside and growing up we often relied on Mum to make sure all of the essentials were packed and ready, but now it’s time to get organised yourself.

We have created a list of things you should think about packing in your bag:


A towel is always important. Even if you don’t end up having a dip in the pool, getting sand between your toes and it staying their during the journey home is one of the most uncomfortable things known to man, so use a towel to get rid of water and sand.

Sun Lotion

This is arguably the most important. Remembering to take sun cream is essential; remembering to use it is even more important though. Another uncomfortable experience is sunburn and no one wants to be the red lobster of the group.

Something to Read

Whilst you’re laying on the beach, you will want some chill-out time, so get lost in a good book or flick through a popular magazine. You could even invest in an e-reader or tablet that stores e-books, although it can be risky business when surrounded by a lot of sand and water.


Sitting in the sun all day is thirsty work and can make you become dehydrated in a couple of hours, so make sure you use a reusable bottle so once you run out of water, you can refill it with some more. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Some of the best memories happen at the beach, so make sure you’re prepared with a camera. A lot of smartphones have an equally good camera, but make sure you take lots of snaps, because it is always good to look back.


Now, the bag is crucial. You need a strong, sturdy bag that can manage the heat, the water, the sand and weight. Plastic bags are simply a no-no. Rucksacks are good but can be very bulky. The ideal choice is a reusable cotton bag. They can carry more than the average bags, they dry easily and they look great too. Win-win!

So, now you have the perfect bag, and all of the essentials to fill it, have a great time and remember that sun cream.