Essential Items to Pack While Travelling to Paris

Paris never bores me. I mostly visited Paris in spring and autumn, but I have also explored this amazing city in winter and summer and in every visit I discovered something new. Indeed, the best thing to do in Paris is just wandering aimlessly among the people and the streets. The French people call this “flânerie” which in plain English means loitering, walking around without a fixed destination and enjoying the marvels of this amazing city.

I can’t wait to get on the flight to Paris again. The thought thrills me since when I planned a new adventure in the capital of France. This time, I chose to stay in a serviced apartment in the 5° Arrondissement area, the so-called Latin Quarter on the right bank of Seine. An apartment is probably the best accommodation in Paris, and the Latin Quarter probably the best area: an “intellectual” quarter where are located the headquarters of the famous Sorbonne University but also a vivid area ideal for tourists, with many restaurants, local shops and caffès.

Marie, the owner of my accommodation in Paris sent me an email after I booked my stay,containing some indications and useful travel tips for my journey. But she also recommended bringing some warm clothing and an umbrella, as in this time of the year the weather is often changing in the City of Lights.

Her email actually touched my heart and confirmed once again that apartments really are the best options for accommodation in Paris and also a great way to meet wonderful people. But the email also made me think about the essential items to pack when travelling to Paris. Thinking about all my previous experiences in this wonderful city, and following the recommendations received from Marie, I put up this list of essential items to pack for your next travel to Paris.

1. First of all, you’ll need comfortable clothing and above all comfortable shoes. As I said before, the best thing to do in Paris is strolling around the city, so think about that when packing these items.

2. A small umbrella or a k-way are perfect to fit in your purse or bag and essential accessories in case you’ll be surprised by an unexpected rain.

3. A pouch for holding important documents, money and other valuable personal effects. The pouch should be tied to the waist, or just use one with a shoulder strap, putting it under the jacket to avoid your items being robbed.

4. A pocket guide with the opening hours of the main attractions and monuments in case you want to visit any of them. About visiting the attractions, know that the national museums and monuments have free entrance the first Sunday of each month. Also, those under 26 years old have free entrances at most of the attractions.

And now just follow my tips, book a perfect accommodation in Paris and enjoy the best of the city between a bistro, a walk and a cultural visit to the museums!


About the Author

I am Pradeep, an avid traveller and blogger. Exploring new places and sharing my experiences with people is my passion. I am currently working as a blogger for Ratedapartments – serviced apartments providers specifically dealing in major cities of the world such as London, Paris, New York, New Delhi and Singapore.

In this blog, I have mentioned what all to pack while travelling to Paris for a hassle-free experience.