Essential Caravanning Accessories That Will Make Your Holiday Better

Caravanning can be a great way to spend a holiday away from home, without forking out for the often high cost of travel and accommodation outside of the UK.  However, anyone who has not been caravanning since their childhood, may be forgiven for not seeing it in such a positive way.  Nowadays though, caravanning does not need to fill you with dread as you can buy caravan accessories that help make a holiday in one feel a lot more luxurious than it ever did when you were a kid.  In the following article we will highlight just some of them.

A Water Carrier

A large volume of fresh water is always essential for caravanning for various things including washing, cooking and drinking.  Therefore, it is important that you invest in a special water carrier, one with a set of wheels is recommended, as you may have a  bit of a journey to go between your caravan and a site’s water supply.  Another piece of advice would be to ensure that you purchase a water carrier that has a capacity of more than 25 litres, as this will help prevent the need to make too many journeys to the water supply area.

Mains Connected Camping/Awning Light

If you are heading out caravanning during the long British summer days, you will need a good quality camping/awning light so that you can sit and enjoy the fresh air in the evening.  We would suggest that you look around for an LED light and one that can be attached easily to awning poles.  LED lights are a good choice as they last longer and are far superior in terms of energy efficiency than ordinary bulbs.

Drain Down Kit

In order to stop bacteria building up or the supply freezing, the waste water in your caravan needs to be extracted on a regular basis.  This is why you need to invest in a drain down kit.  If you don’t, the water that is leftover can do costly damage to the water system.

Water Pump

If you have a water pump, you have direct access to the water supply.  It is always recommended that you purchase a spare one, so that you can replace your pump when it stops working properly.  There are easy to install water pumps available nowadays, so you should be able to buy and fit one yourself.

Water-Purifying Tablets

Although most caravans sites have access to fresh, clean water; you may have taking a trip off the beaten path a little.  In order to make sure you are never caught short or having to use less than completely safe water, buy some water-purifying tablets.  Usually it takes just one tablet to purify 25 litres of water, so you would only ever need a couple of packs.  There are also a selection of different types of tablets for different uses, so you can buy exactly the right one to meet your own specific requirements.