Elite Ski Resorts for Beginners in the French Alps

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Getting started on skiing is a really exciting thing to do that will open up wonderful new opportunities for you.

However, what if you are worried about finding the right place to hone your skills and build up your confidence levels? The good news in this respect is that there are some terrific, elite spots in the unbelievable French Alps where you can get started in great style.

Tignes for Fun and Variety

The famous French ski town of Tignes is a fine choice if you want a lot of fun both on and off the slopes. The enviable location and the high altitude here mean that you have a huge ski area to choose from and reliable snowfall you can depend upon.

Tignes is well known for offering some of the best glacier skiing in the world and there are plenty of options for beginners looking to get their first taste of skiing action and adventure. It is also worth pointing out that there is a lot to do here away from the slopes as well.

This is a lively ski resort that is perfect for someone who wants to mix fine dining and après ski action with their first skiing lessons. If it is thrilling nightlife that you are after then you will also find cool bars dotted across the different parts of the resort.

All in all, Tignes is a fine destination for getting to grips with skiing while enjoying a huge amount of fun and variety at the same time. You certainly won’t ever regret coming here to find out what all the fuss is about.

Best of all, while this is regarded as an elite ski resort it isn’t as expensive to visit as you might fear it is going to be.


Val d’Isere for a Charming Break

Another top class option for beginners is at the classy French Alps resort of  Val d’Isere. This is a very family-friendly spot that is extremely appealing for both skiers and non-skiers.

The town is pretty and offers the chance to enjoy some shopping and eating out in the moments when you aren’t out skiing. This is the sort of place where families can thoroughly enjoy all inclusive ski holidays without any worries at all.

Staying in a quality chalet in Val d’Isere, eating out in pleasant restaurants and exploring the massive ski area all leads to an unforgettable ski break that will leave you wanting to come back again as soon as possible.

Whatever stresses or problems you are facing at home, a break here will allow you to forget about them for a few glorious days.

La Tania for Relaxation and Pleasure

The relatively new and highly popular ski resort of La Tania is another place where you can learn how to ski while enjoying some of the finer things in life. This is a resort this is part of the giant 3 Valleys ski area and that has a tremendous record in terms of snow.

With such a big ski area to choose from, it is no surprise to discover that there are perfect slopes here for skiers of all levels. Even if this is the first time in your life that you put on a pair of skis, you can expect to feel relaxed and comfortable about it.

In terms of accommodation and facilities, La Tania has everything that you could possibly ask for. It is easy to feel laid back and completely at ease here from the very first moment that you set foot in the town.

You can learn how to ski here without a care in the world and without any fears.

Les Gets for Action and Adventure

The elite ski resort at Les Gets is absolutely ideal if what you want is a lot of action and adventure on your break to the mountains. This glorious resort is packed with ski slopes, bars, restaurants and other things to do, while in the summer it is popular with mountain bike enthusiasts.

If we start with the skiing options, we can see that being completely new to the sport isn’t going to hold you back at all here. It is easy to find a beginner’s slope where you can start to experience the unique pleasure of skiing for the very first time.

When you finish skiing for the day you can still carry on having a great deal of fun in other ways. For a start, the food and drink scene here is spectacular, with restaurants such as La Pela and Les Copeaux very welcoming places to eat in.

Les Gets has a wide appeal that makes it very special for many people. Why not give it a try and see whether it quickly becomes your favourite place in the whole world?

Morzine for a Perfect Ski Break

The huge reputation of Morzine means that it is one of the most famous French ski resorts among both newcomers and experts. This is a place that offers a picturesque setting and lots of ways to make this the trip of a lifetime, while its closeness to Geneva Airport means it is easy to get to as well.

There are numerous gentle slopes in the Portes du Soleil around the resort, with the stunning scenery helping to make every single run as memorable as you want it to be. You can even try the unparalleled pleasure of night skiing under floodlights while you are here.

This is another resort that is ideal for families to enjoy, even if they all have different levels of ability out on the slopes. Everyone in the group is going to go home with very special memories of the time that they spend in Morzine.

Everything about Morzine is just perfect for a new skier who wants to get started in an exclusive resort. It won’t cost you a fortune to come here but you will feel as though you are somewhere very special indeed.

Les Arcs for a Quality Stay

The French ski resort of Les Arcs is perhaps best known for the challenging runs that it offers experienced skiers in search of high octane adventures on the snow. However, the massive ski area here has enough gentler parts to suit any beginner.

The overall feel of this Alpine town is of quality in every aspect. From the beautiful hotels and chalets dotted about the mountains to the variety of restaurants, this is somewhere for visitors who enjoy the finer things in life.

The excellent network of villages and pistes here makes Les Arcs a resort that invites you to get out and explore it. If you feel that it is time to add some spice to your life then a quality trip here is going to get your pulse racing and put the fun back in your life.

Whether you come here alone, in a group or with the special person in your life, it is a ski resort that will always have a special place in your heart from then on.

There are a number of highly recommended French Alps resorts where you can learn how to ski while having an amazing time. Just choose the one that looks right for you and get ready for a brilliant trip.