Sponsored Post: How to Earn Airline Rewards Without Even Flying

The idea of earning tasty rewards from an airline is fantastic but surely you have to fly with them to do this, don’t you?

Well, the truth is that the Norwegian Reward program from the popular Scandinavian airline now lets you rack up valuable points even while your feet are firmly on the ground.

So, how does this work and what do you need to do in order to earn your points? The following are just a few of the airline’s exciting schemes with partners that give you points in different ways.

Earn While You Stay in a Hotel

By teaming up with more than 300,000 hotels dotted across the planet, Norwegian lets you earn some juicy rewards while you are resting your head on a soft pillow and dreaming of your next flight to somewhere exciting. This is a deal that they can offer because of their partnership with the excellent Hotels.com site.

No matter where you plan to spend the night, you are almost certain to find the perfect hotel on here. This give you 5% CashPoints to keep you building up for big rewards in the future.

Earn While You Drive

When you rent a car and set off to explore you now have the added bonus of picking up rewards while you are behind the wheel. In this case, the deal comes thanks to the partnerships between Norwegian and a number of major car hire firms.

You can get a hire car from 30,000 worldwide locations in this way. The exact level of rewards varies according to the country where you hire. For example, you get 3% CashPoints in France, Italy and the US but a whopping 5% elsewhere.

Earn While Relaxing in an Airport VIP Lounge

Sitting back and taking it easy in an airport VIP lounge has always been one of life’s great pleasures. Well, now it is even better thanks to the chance to earn smashing rewards while you eat some snacks and get a drink or two.

You can get an impressive 8% CashPoints by enjoying any one of over 400 airport lounges across the globe.

Earn While Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

If you like the idea of an active lifestyle then the GetYourGuide offers from Norwegian are sure to whet your appetite for some other adventures. With this deal you can book thrilling stuff like tours, trips to attraction, activities and excursions.

There are over 28,000 different activities and adventures to choose from here, covering numerous countries and a range of things to do that should keep just about anyone happy. With this part of the Norwegian Reward program you get a fantastic 5% CashPoints on every activity that you book.

If you want to add some spice to life while getting useful rewards then this brilliant scheme from Norwegian will let you have fun in different ways while you keep on picking up CashPoints along the way.

Check out the Norwegian Reward site to see the other different options for earning rewards whether you planning on flying or not.

This post has been sponsored by Norwegian Reward