Dickies Fury Super Safety Hiker Boots Review

You should never underestimate how important a good pair of boots is.  Although much of the shoe and boot market are designed and marketed towards people interested in footwear that looks good and goes with the rest of their clothes, it is important that you don’t base your decision to buy a pair of boots just on whether they match your top of not.  This is especially true when you are buying boots that you intend to wear while hiking.

The pair of boots featured in this review is the Dickies Fury Super Safety Hiker boots, which are designed to be used as both a work boot and a hiking/walking boot.  The boots are made to not only be comfortable and robust, but also to be practical and functional enough to make them suitable for many different situations.

They feature a sole that is resistant to both oil and petrol, which makes them a good choice if you work as a mechanic or if you like to work on your own pride and joy of a car at home and the sole itself is made from dual density polyurethane for extra comfort and protection.  The heel features antistatic and shock absorbent properties, which is very handy and along with the steel toe cap (capable of withstanding up to 200 joules) the mid sole of the boot features a steel section to protect the bottom of your foot.

I have a pair of these boots and although I bought them for DIY work and working on my car, I have found myself wearing them whenever I take our dogs for walks up the big hills and along the muddy and very boggy areas close to where I live.  If I’m honest, they are actually so smart that I’ve worn them to the pub without feeling too embarrassed.

My favourite thing about these boots is the fact that if I have a long day of gardening work, DIY and tinkering under the bonnet of my car; I know I can wear these boots and not feel any unnecessary levels of fatigue or pain in my feet.  And whenever I have worn them to walk the dogs or when I have went on solo hikes, I can happily say that I have not suffered blisters and the boots are still in good condition.  I would go as far as to say that they have stayed in a similar condition to when I bought them and that is definitely not because I have gone easy on them.

All in all the Dickies Fury Super Safety Hiker Boots are probably one of the best pairs of boots I have ever bought.  When you consider how much they cost against a lot of the competition on the market at the moment, you can’t argue with getting versatile boots that you can wear in numerous situations and for various activities, knowing that they will stand the test of time and repeated use. If you want to buy a pair yourself check out DickiesStore they arrived really fast and i’m really pleased with them!