Cycling Holidays Across the World



If you are a cycling fan and enjoy getting out and about on your bicycle then it might seem very appealing to take on a cycling holiday which will allow you to get out and about and see the World, as well as giving you the opportunity to spend some time on your two wheeled friend.

Spain Cycling

Spain is know for it’s beautiful beaches, hot weather, sangria and siestas, but what is it like for cycling. Well Spain has the  Nevada National Park, which is famous for an unforgetablle mountain bike experience. It has huge trails and all the inclines and declines a keen mountain biker will appreciate.

The weather in Spain allows all year biking making it suitable no matter the month you wish to visit and book your holiday for.

When there it is advised to try some of the regional wines and dishes.

France Cycling

France is a brilliant place to visit if you are looking for a solo cycling experience. With most of the hotels and B&Bs being welcoming to bikes this helps massively when planning your journey.

If you live in England you can easily travel to France via Eurostar for an easy journey.

When there there are plenty of routes to choose from including:

  • Brittany Coastal Cycle Route
  • Cotes Du Ventoux Cycle Route
  • Classic Burgundy Cycle Route
  • And many more

Amongst the different cycle routes in France there is sure to be something here for you!

Cycling Holiday

England Cycling

There are many fantastic cycle routes in the UK many of which are based in the North of England. These group of cycle routes boast beautiful countryside views, historic surroundings and quaint villages.

If you have the pedal power to take on a long challenging route then the Coast to Coast Cycle Route is most likely for you. Also the Hadrians Wall Cycle Route provides a similar long route, but also includes some amazing historic surroundings as you follow the Roman’s Wall from the one coast of England to the other. It is tradition to dip the wheel in the sea of the West coast Irish Sea and again in the East coast North Sea when completing this route.

Other routes in England to look out for are the Coast and Castles Cycle Route and also the Sandstone Way Cycle Route. Both promise many surprises along the way!

Canary Islands Cycling

The Canary Islands are absolutely stunning places to visit. With their year long sunshine and lovely climate to their long desert like sandy beaches and volcanic scenery. And when it comes to cycling there is much to be enjoyed also.

Out of the three Islands Lanzarote is usually favoured for a good cycling holiday due to it’s long and easily ridable roads and so much to do and see on such a relatively small island makes this a great choice for cyclists looking for something hot and special.

The World is Your Ouster!

Choose your cycling holiday carefully and always prepare properly in advance. You want to get the most out of your trip and make it an experience you will never forget!