Clothing That You Should Considering Investing In For Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, particularly in the UK, is a great activity to get involved in.  Regardless of whether you are looking to get into proper competition or are just doing it for a bit of fun while keeping active, there are plenty of courses and routes.  However, if you are just starting out it is important that you give some thought to what you are going to wear while you ride.

Besides a helmet, which is something you should not even be considering cycling without, there are other pieces of specialist cycling clothes and gear like the range available at that you should think about investing in if your budget allows it.  In the following article we will look at a few of the most important items.


SunglassesThere isn’t much else more annoying that being hit in the eye by an insect or some other kind of debris.  This is why you see cyclists wearing sunglasses, even on miserably dull and wet days.  Clear glasses are probably best as you can then wear them all year round without having visibility issues at night or when you are riding through a dark woodland area.  Many cycling glasses come with changeable lenses, to match the conditions you are riding in.

Cycling Tops

Cycling Shorts And TightsA t-shirt is all well and good, until the heavens open and you get wet or when you sweat.  Then that t-shirt becomes clammy and cold.  As well as fitting better while you’re on your bike, a cycling-specific top will help keep moisture away from your body.  There are various types and styles of cycling top and the one that is right for you will depend on your body shape as well as the weather conditions.



Cycling Shorts And Tights

Cycling Shorts And TightsSimilarly to cycling tops, the cycling shorts you choose will depend on your own body shape and preference, as well as the conditions you are going to be riding in.  You can choose from either casual and roomy trousers or shorts or the more body-hugging Lycra variety.  Padding is recommended though, particularly if you are new to cycling as this will protect your bottom and legs from the fatigue caused by being sat in the saddle for a long time.


GlovesAlthough not all mountain bikers wear gloves, if you are just starting you should consider them because of the high chance there is of you crashing.  They can also reduce the soreness caused to your hands by the vibrations generated by your bike.  You can choose between fingerless mitts, which are ideal for warm summer rides, and full gloves which are obviously better for the harsh and cold winter time.  When trying them on your fingers shouldn’t feel cramped but at the same time there shouldn’t be lots of material bunched around the palm of your hand.



SocksSocks are important for the same reasons that gloves are – they help to protect your feet from getting cold and/or blisters.  By choosing specialist cycling socks you can be sure that they will only be padded in the right places and will be made from breathable materials that keep moisture away from your skin.