Casino Lover’s World Map Infographic

Look At The Casino Lover’s World Map

Are you a casino lover?  You may consider yourself to be something of a connoisseur of casinos around the world, but the Casino Lover’s World Map put together by Grosvenor Casinos as displayed on this post, may change your mind.  It is presented as an interesting guide to some of casino hotspots that all gambling fans should consider trying to visit.

Although we will highlight some of our favourite facts and figures here, it is worth taking the time to bookmark and take a closer look at the details for yourself.  If you are looking for a truly grand setting you will probably be looking for the biggest casino in the world.  You may not have realised, with Vegas and Monte Carlo being particularly famous places when it comes to casinos that the biggest casino in the world – the Venetian Macau is in Macau, China.  It has an amazing 39 storeys making it also the 7th largest building in the world in terms of floor area.

Las Vegas is still king when it comes to number of casinos and considering how small it actually is, as the infographic explains, there is 900 casinos situated in Las Vegas alone.  So from these couple of facts we know where the most casinos are and where the largest, and that only scratches the surface.  Have fun for yourself, planning your next casino trip using the Grosvenor Casinos’ Casino Lover’s World Map.