Where can I Hunt in the UK?

Hunting is the activity of pursuing and killing wild animals either for game or for sport. It has been a very popular leisure activity that many people perceive as a reserve of the rich class which is a misconception we want to demystify. Hunting is available and viable for people across the divide and there are places where everyone can do hunting. These include;


  1. Central England­­­_ Philip Beasley’s Hunting UK

In central England near Oxford, Beasley’s Hunting UK plans and coordinates professional hunting holidays. Here you have an opportunity to enjoy hunting the deer, the red deer, Roe deer or even the Fallow deer. Shooting of the lovely birds is also not limited since you have an opening to shoot the partridges, the pigeon and a few other birds.

Hunting Experiences at Philip Beasley’s

Hunting Experiences has been set up to cater for your hunting needs. The facility is managed and run by two professionals Craig Blackburn and Jonathan Wood who are trained sporting agents that are dedicated to offering quality and unforgettable hunting experience to their clients. They have on offer both competitive and trophy hunting. What’s better would be the fact that they cater for every interested client whether a novice or intermediate or even the professionals. Based in the UK, their activities are organized within the UK and even across Wales and Ireland.

  1. West Country deer services

This is a family run business entity that is focused on deer control and wildlife management. They offer deer stalking for the novices all the way to the experienced hunters. They operate on farms and hunting fields throughout the UK and Europe in conjunction with companies in these areas. Pigeon shooting is also offered on organization where bookings are done in advanced and the shooting trips planned in varied farms in Gloucester.

+ Shooting and hunting regulations in the UK

Whereas shooting and hunting is a sport and leisure activity, it comes with its own regulations.


– Firearms and shotgun certificates

For any legal hunting and shooting experience, one needs a certificate to use a shotgun, rifle or any other firearm. It is not permissible to use bows and crossbows or explosives for hunting.

– Shooting birds

One is allowed to shoot certain species of game birds, quarry birds and waterfowl only during the shooting season. A falconry license is needed to hunt birds with a falcon.

– Hunting deer

Deer is the most commonly hunted animal in the UK; the deer exists in six varieties. One would need licensing to hunt deer in the closed season and at night regardless of whether or not it is open season. It is very illegal to use a vehicle to hunt deer.

+ Best hunting boots

Hunting is an excursion in vain if one is not well prepared for it. For this reason it is important for one to choose the best hunting boots depending on the conditions of the environment where one intends to hunt. The considerations for the best hunting boots include,

– Comfort and good fit

A good boot should fit well and be comfortable since a smaller size will hurt your feet making it uncomfortable to walk in while a bigger size will make it hard to keep up the pace. The fit should be just right.

– Insulation and warmth

Here one must consider the weather conditions of the hunting destination. If it’s a cold area, a warm boot protects the foot from frostbite. If its summer time, the best boot should be one that keeps your feet cool as opposed to keeping you warm.

– Waterproof

One needs to find a pair of boots that is waterproof so as to keep the feet dry. It would be an added advantage if one can find a boot allows the sweat within to evaporate out through the boot.

All these tips should help make hunting an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


Author Bio:
Kevin Steffey is an avid hunter and freelance writer. He loves spending time in the field with his rifle more than almost anything else, and occupies his off-time discussing deer and their habits online. He is a regular contributor at www.deerhuntingfield.com