The British Weather: How to Transition from Sticky Summer to Chilly Autumn

It can be easy to sit back and complain about the British weather. It’s extremely unpredictable, and you can never 100 percent trust the forecast to tell you how to pack for a day – particularly if that day is a few days away and you’re relying on a 5-day forecast!

This is especially the case at those times between the seasons, and we thought we’d give you a few tips about how you can really be prepared for all eventualities if you’re taking it upon yourself to put on your boots and backpack and venture out in the great outdoors over the next couple of months. Here are a few of the things you really need to have on your list of gear:

The All-Essential Waterproof Jacket

When you’re looking at a waterproof jacket, the truth is not to buy the least expensive one. Although that cheap waterproof might claim to be water resistant, it’s more likely that at soon as the weather takes a turn for the worst, you’re going to be soaking wet and wishing you’d spent that little bit more. A good waterproof is an investment, and with an easy to store design, you should be able to put it in your backpack and keep it there until needed using little room. A secret way to get a high-quality waterproof without paying the high cost for it is to use an outlet store like Regatta Outlet; this way you can get quality for less.

Why Bin Bags Are Your Best Friend

Along the same lines, you might also want to pack with you a roll of bin bags. As a cost-effective method of keeping your wet and dry things separate in your bag, they’re the perfect solution to your rain management needs. If you forget to pack the waterproof, you could also turn a bin bag into a makeshift waterproof jacket by putting some holes in the top for your head and arms.

Gloves or No Gloves

The question of gloves is one that tricks a lot of people. You might be at the bottom of your climb and think that the air temperature is relatively mild, and therefore think that you don’t need to pack them, but once you’re up in higher altitudes, you’ll realize that a pair of fingerless gloves might have been very useful. As such a small item, you can store them in a pocket of your bag and you won’t even notice they’re there.

All of the above items don’t cost a fortune, and if you’re smart with where you purchase them from, you can have them at your door by the weekend of your next trip.