Britain’s Greatest Cricket Grounds

Football may be the world’s most popular sport, but few can argue that there is anything more quintessentially British than the game of cricket. There’s nothing quite like watching during the summer months out in one of the country’s many open-plan grounds, drink in one hand and fan in the other. Of course, not all grounds are equal, and some hold a very special place in the hearts of the country’s cricket fans – these should be the places you endeavour to go if you want to indulge yourself in this most British of outdoor pastimes. Remember that these are clubs as well as grounds, which means that if you get some cricket gear from somewhere like Talent Cricket, you can often get involved yourself at special events. Children in particular will have the chance to play at these grounds through certain programmes.

The Lords, London

Almost certainly the most famous ground on the list, Lords is arguably also the home of cricket. Until 2005 it was the location of the International Cricket Council, and had been for almost a century prior. In fact, the decision to move was almost purely for reasons of tax efficiency. Lords has been around since 1814, named after the founder Thomas Lord. With a capacity of 30,000 people, it’s also the largest ground in Britain.

Trent Bridge, Nottinghamshire

Those who like sports venues with a little character will love Trent Bridge. Often the connoisseur’s choice, it features a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new, giving it real life and atmosphere. Some might criticise some of the newer grounds for feeling a little too formal and clinical, but Trent Bridge is certainly a friendly and inviting place to be. The local town is visible from one direction, with the beautiful English countryside from the other, making this truly a ground of opposites. The attached inn is also regarded to be one of the best places anywhere to get a drink after the match.

Edgbaston, Birmingham

The second largest cricket ground in the country, with a capacity of 25,000 is quite different from the other two on this list. Almost all of the original, old features have since been replaced by modern standards, and while you’ll find opinions divisive, few could argue that this isn’t possibly the best built, most organised and good quality ground in the country. It’s a good place to bring the family if this is one of your very first cricket outings, though be aware that ticket prices can be a little steep, depending on what you’re going to see.