Britain’s Best Scenery – Four Amazing Trips

Britain is home to some lovely countryside and amazing views which are well worth a trip out of the city to admire. From the beautiful chalky white cliffs of Dover, to the Welsh valleys there is something to suit every taste. This article will run through some of the best vantage points in the country. Spoiler alert: as many of the places are a little bit out in the sticks, if you do it in a 4×4 your journey will feel a lot smoother. A Range Rover rental in the UK is fairly easy to come by and ensures you have a car that can take on the country roads.

Seven Sisters, Sussex:

The White Cliffs of Dover are famous the world over and for good reason. They are synonymous with arrival into the UK, and are unique in their form. The best place to view the cliffs without being on a ferry is from Seaford Head in Sussex, where you can admire precisely where land meets sea in dramatic fashion. The dramatic cliffs make for some incredible photos.

Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire:

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic landscapes in the whole of the UK and this mystical set of stones remains a popular site to visit to this day. This is not surprising, as there are miles and miles of picturesque countryside to be enjoyed and viewed from both sides of your car on your journey to the mystical area. If you are travelling from the South East, head down the A303 and you can admire long stretches of rolling green fields leading up to Stonehenge itself. Doing the journey in a supercar is even more enjoyable as the roads are open and generally fairly free from traffic away from rush hour. Why not appreciate the wonderful surrounding area and celebrate the summer solstice from your very own Ferrari rental?

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, Wales

The bay of Gower in Wales is one of the prettiest stretches of coastline in the UK and the Three Cliffs Bay is probably its most beautiful part. The view from the top is of a beautiful sandy bay where the meandering Pennard Pill stream meets the sea. You can park up in a town called Southgate and hike a little way along the cliff which offers stunning views out onto the sea, before arriving at the bay itself.

The Lake District, Cumbria

Last, but certainly not least, is the Lake District. For those seeking to get away from it all and head into the country for some fresh air, there is perhaps no finer place to visit. It has been an inspiration for many creative types over the years and its sheer beauty is impressive to behold. While a long drive for the majority of people in the country, the Lake District is worth the distance for the sight of Lake Windermere alone. The area is regularly voted the prettiest in the country and Lake Buttermere has been voted the best view in the land in a survey led by car manufacturers Chevrolet.

Whilst the winner of any best scenery competition is subjective, one obvious point to be found is that Britain is a fantastic place to holiday in, full of natural beauty when you get out into the countryside. It also shows that we do not have to fly for hours on end to enjoy spectacular scenery, but simply head out in your car and heading out to appreciate the views.