Bringing Out Your Tropical Side in Belize



The nation of Belize’s ad campaign tries to convince you that in Belize you can be anyone you want to be. The relatively anonymity of the Central American country promises tourists the opportunity to unbridle their passions and follow their instincts. When you’re sandwiched between the famous Yucatan and the Caribbean it’s easy to get overlooked. But Belize and its many sailable islands -via a bareboat charter- are worthy of more attention.

Ambergris Caye

Caye island is home to only 2,000 residents. Being the largest island of Belize, it’s the most popular island tourist destination. The island offers a plethora of marine oriented activities such as diving, snorkelling, diving, deep-sail fishing, and much more. It’s close proximity to the mainland makes it less than half a day’s sail to the island home to Belize’s Barrier Reef.

San Pedro is the biggest city in Ambergris and home to its most robust nightlife. Here you’ll find plenty of places to stay with all the amenities you could ask for. If you’re looking to travel anywhere for an excursion you can rent a bike or golf cart. San Pedro is home to the famous “Chicken Drop.” It’s a simple betting game where residents and tourists come together to bet on where chickens will poop first.

Caye Caulker

57 hotels with 887 rooms seems like an inordinate amount of accommodation for an island that typically houses 1,300 people. The abundance of room and board for tourists validates the awesomeness you’ll find in Cay Caulker. Since the cadres of hippies made their way to the island tourism has rivalled fishing for the main means of revenue for the tiny island. Despite the growth in tourism the island remains a unique place that has kept its culturally integrity. Driving golf carts is the main method of transportation within the island, and its residents insist against large-scale developments in the attempt to preserve its heritage.

Glover’s Reef

Glover is the most exclusive island of Belize. The protected UNESCO site is a seven mild wide island, approximately 45 kilometres from mainland Belize. Tourists are allowed to camp, dorm, or stay in a dreamy thatch cabin that hovers just over the water. Meals and accommodation are both offered by the same provider. Water activities such as dive training, skin, scuba, snorkelling, and the option of taking classes that will award you with certification in diving and rescue.

Be sure to check out the biodiversity and transparent waters of Belize before the secret’s out.