The Best Winter Resorts in Armenia

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The mountain Armenia is very beautiful in winter: the sun is shining and the snow colors everything around in white. This favorable weather and amazing mountainous landscapes make Armenia an ideal destination for winter holidays and active winter sports. Annually hundreds of thousands of tourists not only from the CIS, but also from Europe choose this hospitable country as a place to spend winter holidays.  So is it really worth to make a trip to Armenia for winter holidays? In this article, we will tell you about the best Armenian resort towns where you can relax and enjoy winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, etc. To travel about the country with more comfort we advise you to choose car rent service in Armenia and enjoy your journey.

Active holidays in Tsakhkadzor


Tsakhkadzor is definitely the most popular winter resort town in Armenia. Every year it attracts extreme sport lovers both local and foreign; the weather, the nature and the mountains in Tsakhkadzor are ideal for skiing and snowboarding! The ski season here starts in December and lasts till March.

The mountain resort is located on the slopes of Teghenis Mount. The height of the top skiing point reaches about 2819 meters. You can reach it by a modern and well-equipped ropeway. The slopes of the mountain and the ropeway are divided into three sections by levels of complexity. The total length of the ropeway is 4500 meters. To get to the very top you need to change the lines without removing equipment.


At the entrance to the ski station, you can find a rental of all the necessary ski and snowboard equipment. Those who wish will be able to take advantage of the assistance of professional skiers who are willing to help beginners learn to skate. At stations there are cafés where you can warm up and drink hot chocolate or coffee.

Tsakhkadzor has all the amenities for spending comfortable holidays. There are both luxurious 5-star hotels and small guest houses for budget tourism.

Rest in Dilijan


We can describe Dilijan as a green oasis in the mountains or a small paradise. The resort town is completely transformed during winter. Dense forests are covered with snow turning the town into a real fairy tale.

The resort town of Dilijan is located in the National Park; it is surrounded by pine forests and mountains. The pine forests make the air so pure and healing. Dilijan is located at an altitude of 800 meters. The climate is mountainous; winters are mild with rich snow, the average temperature is +3. In addition, in the town there are several mineral springs, which have healing properties.

Dilijan increasingly attracts lovers of eco-tourism and village tourism. Here the medieval life is recreated so that guests can enjoy the ancient architecture. In addition, close to the resort there are the most popular cultural monuments of Armenia, which once played an important role in the history of the country.

Not far from the city is the 13th-century monastery complex of Haghartsin which is striking in its architecture. Next, a 20-minute drive from Dilijan you will see Goshavank monastery complex of the 12th century. Once Goshavank was a cultural and religious center of the country.

Walking around the neighborhood of Dilijan be sure to visit Lake Parz. It is beautiful at any time of the year. In cold weather, the forest surrounding the lake is completely covered with pure white and is reflected in the clear waters of the lake.

Rest in Hanqavan


Small and at first glance unremarkable village Hanqavan has huge popularity among both locals and tourists. The town is known for its hot springs which have valuable medicinal properties. The water temperature reaches about 420C. For a more comfortable stay there are built swimming pools, each of them can accommodate 5 people.

Hanqavan hot springs are located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, 30 km from Tsakhkadzor. Tourists can stay in Tsakhkadzor and visit Hanqavan or stay in one of hotels in Hanqavan. In winter the town fascinates with its beauty. Dense forests and mountains are covered with snow, clean air and heavenly silence tunes in complete relaxation of body and soul.