The best walking holidays

England offers many amazing walks all across the country, but if you fancy travelling a little further afield then here are some of the best walking holiday destinations that are still within short haul distance.

Rest your feet on a flight with an airline that flies to these destinations and get ready for a trip filled with incredible sights and tantalising hikes. Websites such as will help you plan your flight route before enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.

  1. Canary Islands

Hopping between the Canary Islands can provide you with an abundance of different sites to see and activities to partake in. Pyramids, mountains, caves and jungle parks can all be explored by foot on the island, not to mention the magnificent views that come with it.

  1. Iceland

Iceland has plenty to show off with its diverse mixture of attractions and natural wonders – covering everything from spewing geysers to stunning waterfalls, dramatic volcanoes and serene blue lagoons. Donning a pair of walking boots and exploring the island can be the best way to stumble across some of the lesser known natural wonders of the country.

  1. Slovenia

With so much natural beauty to show off, Slovenia is a perfect country for a walking holiday. An array of waterfalls, mountains, caves, lakes, rivers and gorges are spread out across the country, with all of them offering something uniquely breathtaking. Slovenia is a relatively small country, and by exploring it by foot, you can also benefit from seeing the green landscapes and fairytale-style buildings, such as Bled Castle overlooking Lake Bled.

  1. Morocco

From sandy dunes to majestic mountains and vibrant markets, there is plenty to see in Morocco. Start your trip by exploring the wonderful souks of Marrakech before venturing out to explore other diverse parts of the country.

  1. Greece

Combine your walking holiday to Greece with a little kayaking or sailing and explore some of the most beautiful islands in the world in new and exciting ways. There are plenty of walking trials across the country which take in different scenery and can easily be explored during a little winter sun so you’ll never be short of choice.