Best Hidden Walking Trails in The UK and How To Plan Your 1 Week Holiday The UK



How does going on an unforgettable walking adventure sound like? Unleashing your inner Jim Whittaker on a week getaway does not sound like the most reasonable (or doable) thing, but the walking trails in the UK beg to differ. You don’t need to travel to the end of the world or spare 7 seven months to go on a hiking adventures – it’s not the pastime of old ramblers and wanderers anymore.

If you want a little break from your office life, an adventure that includes roaming around staggering landscapes, an adrenaline inducing yet calming adventure, then being in the UK is the perfect opportunity to do so. Grab your hiking boots, grab your map and you’re ready!

Boasting bourgeoning landscapes that beg to be explored, Britain proudly shows off its rugged coastlines, varied terrains, verdant ambles, and scenic mountains on its trails. From challenging multi-day routes to scenic leisurely ones that last for a few hours – you’re guaranteed to get that rich experience you crave for. Coastal paths juxtapose with soaring mountains and moors blend effortlessly with the chance of fine dining along your way.

For such a small area, you’ll fall in love with the stunning walking and hiking trails in the UK. . You can either go on daily walks or have a 5-8 night stay at a beautiful location with many trails. In this article I will talk about the hidden gems and how to plan your holiday.

The Coast-to-Coast Walk

You won’t be given an award for “hidden gem seeker” here, but you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time. After all, it’s one of the UK’s (and the world’s!) most popular adventures. A rambling escapade that passes through the UK’s most beautiful, scenic landscapes – the coast-to-coast walk is the perfect all-inclusive walking trail. Passing through all types of diverse terrain, craggy mountains soaring from scenic greenery, and three national parks, you’ll be seeing everything your heart desires. It passes through the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, and ends up at Robin Hood’s Bay.

Fun fact: The walking trail got even more popular after Alfred Wainwright wrote his book named “A Coast to Coast Walk”. His tip? Dip your booted feet in the Irish Sea!

The Pennine Way

The Penine Way is 268 staggering miles of rugged terrains and landscapes that’ll put you in complete and utter awe. You pass from Edale, through Yorkshire Dales to Kirk Yetholm. Not only do you get incredible scenery throughout the whole trail, you’ll also be passing by places that hold a lot of cultural significance to the UK. For example:

– The Harowth Village – Bronte Sisters’ home.

– The Southern Pennines – Where the cradle of the Industrial Revolution is.

Hadrian’s Wall.

– Tan Hill Inn – The highest inn British Isles.

This is simply a premier long-distance path, and you’ll find that the villages give you the perfect blend of scenery that’ll keep you satisfied for months on end and perfect country pubs.

Hadrian’s Wall itself is a wall that was built from A.D 122 to protect Roman England (it also houses the remains of all the fortifications of Hadrian’s Roman Empire). You can do the 84-miles but if that’s too much, you can also do a more casual hike in the surrounding areas. You can plan this part on your own or choose from the array of Mickeldore walking holidays.

Lizard Peninsula Coast

Picturesque coves dot a peninsula that stretches for miles, little fishing villages stand proudly, pretty towns show off their beauty and sleepy villages beg to be explored. The Lizard Coastline is one of the most popular stretches of the South West Coast Path and boasts a different experience from the other walking trails. Rare flora and fauna can be checked out, and if you’re slightly interested in nature, then you have found the right place.

South Downs Way

If you want a little bit of history mixed with a lot of scenic countryside views, then the South Downs Way is the perfect walking trail for you. You start at the cathedral city of Winchester in Hampshire, and then you finish in East Sussex after going around coastal Eastbourne.

Rolling countryside villages? Check! Little villages? Check! Impressive cliffs? Check!

West Highland Way

The national trail of Scotland has been dubbed as the best in West Highland Way, and is also one of the most popular in the UK. This is the symbol of the Scottish outdoors life, the place where moor and mountains contrast pastoral lowlands and navigable trails end in atmospheric landscapes.

The 96 mile long walk takes around a week, but the beauty and the galore of it all will make it feel like a lot less!

How to Plan for Your Walking Vacation

To plan the perfect walking vacation, make sure you plan accordingly and plan in advance!

What’s your trip style?

What kind of trip do you want to be having? Do you want only natural scenery and staggering terrains? Do you want to pass by little villages? Do you want a little bit of history? A lot of fitness? Leisurely walks? You have to ask yourself these questions and figure out the type of trip you want before you plan.

Do your research.

What trails match your interests? If you’re more into hidden gems, make sure you talk with people who have gone there before so they can give you their tips and tricks in case you can’t find enough online.

What’s your fitness level like?

See, this one is very important. You have to make sure that your fitness level is on par with the kind of trip you’re choosing. Can you walk comfortably for five miles a day? Can you walk uphill comfortably? Do you have any medical injuries?

Will you train for your trip?

Answer is, you probably should. Make sure you actually train and get the right level of fitness level that is required of you. spend time at the gym, walk on the treadmill with weights, use a stationary bike…etc.  If you can, go hiking or walking on the weekend so you mirror the week-long vacation.

Tip: Wear your gear while training.

Buy the perfect boots.

Boots can make or break your holiday. You have to make sure you have the ultimate well-fitting hiking or walking boots that give you:

– ankle support.

– fit perfectly.

– are broken into.

Buying the perfect bag.

You’ll need a bag that goes pretty well with your body, that you’re used to, and that will fit everything for a week. That’s the tricky part. The bag and the packing.

Always check the weather forecast before you plan your trip.

Checking the weather forecast will ensure that your trip is not ruined by the ever so famous unpredictable UK weather.

Bring a first aid kit and emergency gear.

You’ll need a space in your bag for a first aid kit and emergency gear and you might think you don’t need it now, but you won’t think that when you need it while walking. Safety is extremely important.

Make sure you have:

– Sunscreen.

– A flashlight.

– Matches.

– A portable charger.

– First aid kit.

– Knives.

– Bug repellant.

– Your prescription medicines.

– Bandages.