Best Dog-Friendly Places In The UK

We all love a day out, don’t we?  Well, guess what?  It’s not just us humans that love to get out and about, our dogs do too.  If you are looking to invest in a cockapoo or already own one, and are bored with just taking your four-legged friend down to the local park, you will find the list below, consisting of some of the best dog-friendly places in the UK, very interesting.  That way you can still provide for the exercise needs of a cockapoo while enjoying yourself in the process.

Pub Lunch For You And Your Canine Pal

If you didn’t think you were able to enjoy time at the pub while taking care of your dog’s needs for adventure and exercise – think again.  There are now many pubs up and down the country, that are dog-friendly.  However, Newcastle’s The Brandling Villa goes one step further and treats humans and canines similarly, serving Sunday roasts to both with Yorkshire puddings and a special beef gravy suitable for dogs.  They also offer pig’s ear tacos and egg and sausage breakfast bowls too.  Thirsty dog?  They can even try the pub’s own Snuffle Dog Beer.

A Trip To The Beach

Beaches are not only great for you but your dogs too.  They love the sun(in the summertime, sometimes), fresh air, sand and the sea.  Obviously, you need to check whether your local beach is dog-friendly or not.  If you are in Norfolk, along with the coastline though, the beach at Wells-next-the-Sea is perfect and the Kennel Club’s Be Friendly Dog Awards in 2015 awarded the Beach Cafe as best cafe/restaurant.

As well as offering doggy treats, fresh water and the popular Dog of The Year contest, they also provide a Wash’n’Wag washing booth.  When you have finished running and playing in the sand and sea water, you can wash off your dog before you head off home.

Animal Adventures

Obviously, dogs enjoy playing with other doggy friends in the park; they may also enjoy playing with other types of animals too.  Cotswold Wildlife Park is one place you could take your dog if you are in the area to give them an introduction to other species they may never have met before.  Dogs are allowed here, on leads.  Imagine your dog’s facial expressions and wagging tail when you come across the meerkat enclosure!

Check Out Some History And Heritage

Perhaps you want to go out and explore some of the UK’s rich heritage and history; you may think you would have to leave your dog at home.  However, there are many places owned by the National Trust and English Heritage that allow dogs on their properties.  Though you should always check the website for the lists of dog-friendly places.  One particular place that is ideal for exploration with your canine pal is Scarborough Castle.  Once you have spent time roaming the site that has been standing for over 3,000 years, you can let the dog off the lead on the beach.