Berghaus Mens Expeditor AQ Trek Waterproof Walking Boots Review

These boots were sent to me by the company to review.


As anyone who reads this blog will know, I really enjoy making the most of living so close to beautiful English countryside and enjoy walking both with my girlfriend and with my dog.  At any time of the year, you need to be careful and dress appropriately when walking as the weather an be so changeable; but at this time of the year you need to be even more cautious.  My favourite and very comfortable dog-walking/hiking boots had recently died, so I was in the market for a new pair when I came across the Berghaus Mens Expeditor AQ Trek Waterproof Walking Boots from Outdoor Look.

If you are like me you probably look to your favourite brands and the advice of those in your social circle when purchasing new pieces of clothing, especially those for outdoor pursuits such as hill walking and rambling.

berghaus boots

When it came to this pair of shoes, I had heard from some good friends, whose opinions I trust, that these were the shoes I should invest in next.  So I took the plunge and ordered a pair and when they arrived I decided to take them out for a trial run walking the dog, as it was a particularly rainy day and I wanted to check how waterproof they were.  As it is claimed that the waterproof lining will keep your feet comfortable and warm regardless of the conditions.

I have to admit that they were just as the description stated they would be as I was out for a good 45 minutes walking the dog and walking through some puddles and wet grassland and my feet stayed warm and dry the whole time.  They are also very comfortable, as you would expect from a high quality brand as Berghaus.

berghaus boots

Another thing anyone that knows me even just a little will know about me is that I am a big fan of the company and have lots of other Berghaus gear so it is good to have another thing that doesn’t look stupid with my jacket and waterproof trousers and although they are by no means small boots, they do not feel too cumbersome or chunky.  When I walked the dog I was wearing a pair of jeans and they didn’t look out of place at all.

It was interesting for me to note that unlike my other pair, that were perfect with only one flaw that they rubbed against my ankles too much; this pair of Berghaus supported them perfectly.  My ankles always feel comfortable in this pair of boots and I can’t wait to try them out on longer treks as I am sure they will not disappoint.

berghaus boots

If you are looking for a comfortable, well made pair of shoes that offer the necessary protection from the elements, you should consider this pair of Berghaus boots.  Whether you are walking the dog, going for a romantic stroll in the dark or a tough trek across a variety of different terrain in changing weather conditions, they will never let you down.