Benefits Of Using Outdoor Pull Up Bars

If you are looking to get more exercise into your day to day routine, you should consider installing a pull up bar.  Normally, the suggestion would be to install on in your garage or somewhere in your house, but in the following article we will look at how the best pull up bar could be one you install outside your property.

The goal of a pull up bar is, for the uninitiated, to enable and encourage you to perform pull up exercises involving – exercises that involve upper body compound pulling actions.  This is generally performed with your body hanging with your hands gripped around a bar, then pulling your body up using your arms until your head is higher than your hands and the bar and your elbows bent.  As it relies on your upper body, it is an effective workout for that area.  There are many benefits to using pull up bars though, beyond the good it does your upper body and especially if you use one outdoors.

Acts As A Reminder To Exercise.

Having a pull up bar somewhere you can see it provides a constant reminder that you should be training and working out.  Although having it in your bedroom or in the hallway will provide this motivation to use it, so too would having it at the side of your property or to the rear, particularly if you are a driver and are likely to pass the bar every day on your way to work and back.  This is a very psychological benefit too, as you will eventually associate the bar with that push or drive to exercise.

If exercise equipment is far away, in a gym or just out of sight, you could and probably will easily forget about it.  Forgetting it’s there will stop you having that constant nagging to get up and do some pull ups.

Works Multiple Muscles

As stated at the outset, pull ups obviously target your upper body, as you rely on your arms to pull your body up.  However, they are considered a compound exercise because they involve more than one joint at a time, meaning you work out more than one muscle or muscle group at a time with each and every repetition.  While it is mostly your lats that are targeted, a properly performed pull up will also help your forearms, chest, traps, rhomboids and biceps.

Less Is More

The great thing about pull ups is that you do not need to do a ridiculous amount in the beginning to get good at it.  There is no pressure – so even if you are only able to do one or two to start with, it is still effective.  It just allows you the opportunity to return to the exercise later that day or the next day and try again.  This will eventually mean that you build a proper level of stamina for doing more than just a couple.

Exercising Outside Is Mood Enhancing

Using an outdoor pull up bar instead of one installed indoors has its own unique benefit in that exercising outside gets you out in the open with all that fresh air.  It can feel even more enriching and if there is a cool breeze in the air, it will help you to not overheat and may be able to achieve more repetitions.