The Benefits Of Self-Drive Motorhome Holidays In Britain

Britain is a small land mass in comparison with other countries. But there is plenty to see and do on this group of islands.

There is something for everyone in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. They are rich with history, culture, mystery and natural beauty. Are you are planning on a UK-based holiday soon? If so, have you considered travelling in a motorhome?

There are thousands of miles of roads in the UK. Many travellers see Britain by rail, coach or plane, but the open road offers the best travel experience. Here are some of the key benefits to travelling around the UK in a motorhome:

A memorable experience

When you travel by any other method, you might not think much of your holiday other than some places of interest that you’ve visited.

One of the best things you can take away from a motorhome holiday adventure is the great memories you have of your travels! You will always remember the banter you had with your friends and family.

There is also the memories you have of the weird and wonderful things that you see on the open road as you travel throughout Britain!


I’ve been on all sorts of holidays over the years. The one thing that sticks in my mind is how boring some of them were!

The destinations themselves were brilliant. But some guided tours and holiday parks were pretty mediocre at best!

What I love about motorhome holidays is that you can decide when and where you travel. You have total control over your itinerary. For example, some people prefer to make an early start on their travels. Whereas others prefer to wake up late in the morning and venture out after lunch.

Sticking to a schedule isn’t for everyone. And so if you are one of those people, taking to Britain’s roads in a motorhome is the travel option for you!


There are two types of traveller. Those that stick to known routes, and those that like to explore all weird and wonderful destinations off the beaten track!

It doesn’t matter if you like to travel on known excursion routes, or make your own routes up. Travelling by motorhome gives you the option to do both.


One of the biggest bugbears of travelling anywhere is the cost! Some holidays cost more than others. When you hire a motorhome, you are paying for car hire, and accommodation all rolled into one.

All you have to pay for is fuel and food, it’s as simple as that!


Modern motorhomes are quite luxurious and offer many of your home’s creature comforts. Some people buy their own motorhomes and customise them to their own specifications.

If you are planning on doing this, I recommend buying some heater service kits. The last thing you want to do is visit the Scottish Highlands in winter and freeze in your motorhome at night!

I also recommend buying cutlery, plates and cooking items that are small and portable. It will help to make the best use of space.


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