Bank Holiday camping gadgets 2014

Bank holidays are always best spent outdoors. On what other Monday’s do you get to stretch your legs, feed the ducks, and eat your lunch under a hazelnut tree?

If you’re planning on going camping next bank holiday, then that’s a great way to spend your time. To make the most of it, here’s some of the best camping gadgets for 2014.




5.Nitecore Tiny Monster


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Traditional torches are so last year. The Nitecore Tiny Monster is a 3800 lumen LED flashlight that’s constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, so it’s exceptionally strong but light-weight. This torch is also waterproof up to two metres, and it’s so bright that it can temporarily blind somebody. Best be safe with it then.

The Nitecore Tiny Monster costs around £300 online.

4. Sol Origin Ultimate Tool Kit

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Forget the Swiss Army Knife. For camping, the Sol Origin Ultimate Tool Kit is where it’s at. This incredible survival tool kit has an AUS 8 stainless steel blade, rescue flash light with 20-mile reach, 100db whistle, Fire Lite striker, removable compass, waterproof compartment for valuables, 10 stainless steel wires, 10 nylon cords, foil, tinder, and survival instructions. If you ever get lost and have to fend for yourself, this gadget is definitely one to have.

The Sol Origin Ultimate Tool Kit costs around £50 on Amazon.

3. RevoSuperConnect Internet Radio

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Consumer radio played a huge role in the evolution of society, so why not take it with you on your camping trip? The Revo SuperConnect Internet Radio is one of the best gadgets for the job. This WiFi/DAB/DAB+/FM internet radio is packed full of fantastic channels to listen to and it produces exceptional sound. There are more than 16,000 internet radio stations to listen to and it supports a wide variety of codec’s, including WMA, AAC, FLAC, MP3, MP2 and Real Audio.

The Revo SuperConnect Internet Radio is available from Superfifor £249.95.

2. BioliteCampstove USB Charger

usb charger

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How does this sound – you can have a gadget that cooks your dinner and charges your smartphone. Too good to be true? Not in the case of the fantastic Biolite Campstove USB Charger. This gadget is unique – it is a small and light-weight camping stove that’s powered by any biomass you can find. It uses an internal fan to create airflow which combines with the fuel chamber to create fire. Heat generated by the fire is converted into electricity, which can then charge electronic gadgets.

The Biolite Campstove USB Charger costs £149.99 from Firebox.

1. Bushnell BackTrack

backtrack(Image source

Camping is not without its dangers. In the heat of spring and summer and when alcohol is involved, it can be easy to pitch up a tent in the middle of nowhere and not document how you even got there. If that sounds like you, then the Bushnell BackTrack is the perfect gadget for you. This is a GPS receiver that allows the user to program three locations into it. Simply program where your car is or a place of interest and the BackTrack will direct you back to wherever you need to go. Sweet!

The Bushnell BackTrack costs around £60 online.