Attend the Festival of Rugby 2015

When one thinks about the manliest sport of all time, there is none that comes close to the rugged and high-octane game of rugby. There is nothing more gladiatorial about a sport than watching two opposing teams of hunky players in their tight, thigh long shorts and shirts and almost wrestle with the opposing team players in an attempt to score points with the ball. In this contest of might and wits, both clever game strategy and strength are put to the ultimate test – rivalries are reignited and legends are made on the ground.

With the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2015 scheduled to be hosted in Britain, attending the Festival of Rugby can be the best outdoor experience you can afford to have this year.

What is the Festival of Rugby?

The Festival of Rugby is a series of different events that have a tinge of rugby here and there and provides a spectacular opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together and share their passion for rugby through a host of food exhibitions, stand-up comedy events, carnivals, bake sales, and not to forget rugby matches. It does not matter whether you are a hardcore rugby fanatic or not; the Festival of Rugby can be a great opportunity for you to have an exceptional and quality time with your family and friends.

What are the types of activities and events taking place at the Festival?
There are a range of activities and events that one can attend and enjoy. Some of these include:

  • Bake sales
  • Cultural events
  • Educational events
  • Exhibitions
  • Fundraisers
  • Theatre and comedy nights
  • Food and drink based events
  • Plays
  • Readings
  • Rugby club events and

The activities are not focused on the adult population alone. There are a large variety of activities that cater to the younger population to the point that many schools and colleges express their interest in attending the festival.

For those who are more passionate about the sport of rugby, match screenings and live rugby tickets can also be found at the festival as fans will ever be eager to attend live matches and witness the euphoria of England winning the Rugby world cup.

Can one host an event?

Short answer – yes, of course, as long as the event you wish to host has some degree of rugby in it. You can host all sorts of the aforementioned activities. More details on attending each of the different type of events can be found on the official festival of rugby website.