Amazing Travel Tattoo Designs



“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

Traveling is a pleasant addiction, it can change your mindset, your life and help you to realize what you are capable of.

Fanatical travelers, who often push their adrenaline to its limits, always want to perpetuate a memory of their thrilling experience. For this, they use travel tattoos. In fact, these tattoos serve two purposes: they help to save memories about awesome trips and inspire a person to continue his discovery of the world.

So, if you consider yourself a globetrotter and want to express your love for traveling, nature and encourage yourself to plan for the next trip, choose amazing travel tattoo designs. The most popular are map tattoos, compass, airplane, city, animal, wave, landscape, globe, hot air balloon and flying bird tattoos. Hopefully, some of these tattoos will suit you and you’ll pick something for yourself.

Map Tattoos

These designs are special for avid tourists. The tattoo may become a part of a wonderful tradition: the map represents countries and continents, and those parts of the world, which the person has visited, are depicted darker than others or in other colors. Thus, the person may alter this tattoo throughout life. Besides, these tattoos are done in an old-school or watercolor style and people wear them on arms, hips, feet and the chest.

Compass Tattoos

A compass tattoo is deeply rooted in history, earlier it has been worn by sailors as the protection against rough waters. Now, many travelers choose it as a sign of the guidance and direction. Usually, it is performed in tribal, traditional and watercolor styles. Men and women wear it on the back, chest, hands, shoulders, hips and feet.

Airplane Tattoos

An airplane is a trendy design, which may be done either in a realistic or cartoon manner. The major meaning is the spiritual flight, associated with traveling. People, who wear this tattoo, reckon that traveling gives them harmony, balance and fills the life with positive emotions. What is more, images of paper airplanes stand for the idea of childhood and pure happiness.

The pattern looks amazing in a dotwork, traditional, tribal and linework style. It may be of any size, that is why it will look great on almost any part of the body.

City Tattoos

People, who are spotted wearing city tattoos, are big fans of cities where they were born or where they’ve been to.

The image looks exceptionally beautiful in a neo-traditional style, watercolor or realistic style. Moreover, it may cover both large and small areas of the body.

Animal Tattoos

Often, hardcore travelers choose animal designs. As a rule, people, who’ve survived in their journeys, choose these tattoos.

However, there are people, who wear animal tattoos as the symbol of their might and inner power. You may select an elephant tattoo or lion and tiger designs. They may adorn any part of the body and can be made in all styles, everything depends on your imagination.

Wave Tattoos

If you are into traveling and you are a soul surfer, then a wave tattoo will perfectly fit your lifestyle. It may be a huge wave, which covers the sleeve, or a small-size picture on the leg, hand or chest.

Mostly, wave tattoos are vibrant and have additional details such as trees, birds, surfboards, a surfer, and fish. Freedom-loving personalities always opt this design.

Landscape Tattoos

Travelers, who are passionate about nature – mountains, forests, lakes, waterfalls and have a deep spiritual connection with it, will like the idea of getting a landscape tattoo. Tattoos may be colorful or monochrome, large or small, with or without additional details and they are etched on the thigh, chest, back or the arm.

Globe Tattoos

A globe represents a versatile world, so if you are keen on traveling and want to see all exotic and breathtaking places, then think about getting a globe tattoo. You may complement the tattoo with images of an airplane, compass, or flowers and put it wherever you want, it should have a symbolic meaning only for you. The hues may be different, both colorful and black and white tattoos look attractive.

Hot Air Balloon Tattoos

This appealing design signifies the owner’s freedom, optimism, readiness for the unexpected events in life. The tattoo looks stunning when it is colorful and detailed, the depiction may be traditional or neo-traditional. For instance, instead of a balloon, there may be butterflies or flowers. Beyond that, suitcases, anchors, and inscriptions may be additional details. The best places for this tattoo are hips, arms, and the back.

Flying Bird Tattoos

If you are a traveler, who is always on the move, then a bird tattoo will be very symbolic for you as the bird flies wherever it wants, it soars in the sky and enjoys life. The pattern may be done in a tribal, watercolor and dotwork style, the tattoo may be placed on various body parts because everywhere it will attract an eye.

Hence, a travel tattoo is a good way to save memories, because each time you look at it, it reminds you of the day when you experienced the rush of joy. Moreover, it can inspire you to new trips and adventures.