A Guide to Kensington Palace and Gardens

Are you planning a holiday in Kensington, London? Tourists planning a London holiday must make it part of their itinerary to visit the Kensington Gardens and Palace. The Palace is the royal Residence that is set within the Gardens and has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. However, tourists and locals do have access to the State Rooms and Gardens, which is managed by a non profit organisation. According to Royal Parks, the huge popularity of Royal Parks in London draws close to 37 million visitors annually. Within these parks, there are 135,000 trees, 100,000 roses and 28,000 tulips that fill the air with sweet aroma and enhance the beauty of the Gardens. Apart from this, there are more than 280 buildings and monuments, 68 cycle and horse roads, 34 tennis courts, 21 lakes and ponds, 12 cricket pitches, 13 children’s playing areas and 8 established walking routes. All of these are within 49 miles of the boundaries, walls and fences. Such mammoth gardens only account for unparallel opportunities for relaxation, education, exercise and entertainment. Moreover, the massive stretch of green even manages to reduce wind speeds, cool urban temperatures and absorb pollution, offering a cleaner environment. If you are planning to visit these gardens, a good would be to stay at hotels near Kensington Gardens & Kensington Palace for easy access to this and other tourist attraction in the city.

Location and Background

Kensington Gardens is located at the Western extent of the neighbouring Hyde Park. The boundary between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is formed by the West Carriage Drive (The Ring) and the Serpentine Bridge. There is a lot more fencing and security in Kensington Gardens, as compared to the neighbouring park, and the Gardens is only open during the hours of daylight, as opposed to the park, which is accessible from 5 in the morning to midnight. The land surrounding the buildings in the Royal Gardens was predominantly rural and remained largely undeveloped until the Great Exhibition of 1851. While several of the park’s original features have been retained, there has been constant activity of developing new buildings, including the Albert Memorial, Serpentine Gallery and Speke’s Monument. There also is an elaborately carved 900-year-old tree stump. Tourists on vacation can visit these attractions by staying at budget hotels near Kensington, such as Eden Plaza Kensington, which offers comfortable accommodation at the best prices.

Cultural References

Did you know that this park inspired the author of Peter Pan, JM Barrie, to such an extent that he came up with a prelude that was set within these Royal Gardens? To honour the author, there is a statue of Peter Pan in the park. Thomas Tickell, in 1722, wrote the first poem on the gardens, describing mythical fairies that added to the enchanting beauty of the surroundings. An interactive game by Infocom, called Trinity, begins with the settings in these gardens where the player gets a chance to explore the area to a great extent. So, what are you waiting for? Book your accommodation at one of the best hotels near Kensington Garden & Kensington Palace explore these serene attractions for yourself.