7 Great Reasons to Try Glamping for Your Next Holiday

If you are looking for a different way to spend a holiday with your family, spouse, girlfriend or best friends, then you should perhaps consider glamping.  Glamping, for the uninitiated, is the combination of camping and 4/5 star hotel luxuries and home comforts.  Some people refer to it as glamorous camping.  To give you further encouragement to try glamping out for your next holiday, www.discoverglamping.com has put together a list of 7 reasons why you should.

It’s Something New

Although glamping is by no means a new phenomenon, there are still many people who have not experienced it yet and if you are one of these people and decide to give it a try, you are in for a truly unique and exciting break from the norm.

Chance to Spend Quality Time with the People Who Matter Most

In our modern lives we are distracted by modern technology so much that it often prevents us from enjoying a proper conversation with those closest and most important to us in our lives.  When you take a trip out to the countryside for a glamping experience, you can leave behind iPads, tablets, mobile phones and televisions behind and enjoy a simpler form of entertainment and time together by laughing, chatting and playing.

The Stars at Night

Can you remember the last time you took the time to sit or lie back and look up at the night sky?  As glamp sites are normally located away from busy city areas, they are also away from the smog and other pollution that blocks out a clear view of the stars in the night sky.  This allows you the chance to stare in wonderment at the various twinkles and sparkles and relax.

It’s Relaxing

Glamping is a stress-free way to enjoy the camping experience.  You do not need to worry about remembering the tent pegs, setting up camp in the right place or anything like that.  You simply arrive at the glamp site, get settled in and relax.  Additionally, the end of your holiday is as stress-free as the start as when it is time to go you just have to pack up your personal belongings and head home.

Stunning Locations

It doesn’t really matter where you decide to go glamping, as most glamp sites are deep in the heart of beautiful countryside and rural areas, so wherever you go you will be up close to nature.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time and enjoy the things you never get the chance to enjoy normally such as hill walking, rambling or just watching the birds fly by.

Eating Outside

Who doesn’t enjoy eating alfresco?  One of the biggest joys of camping and also glamping is that you eat your meals outside.  During the day this is great because you can fire up the BBQ and enjoy some burgers and hot dogs in the sunshine, while at night it’s great to have some delicious hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows under the stars.

Forgot About Your Worries and Cares

Our final reason why you should try glamping is actual one of the reasons we would encourage anyone to try camping.  As you are likely to be staying at a glamp site miles away from home, you are away from the landline phone and computer and therefore you are able to switch off from the usual stresses of day to day life.  It’s a chance to leave your worries at home, recharge and reboot by enjoying simpler things.