5 Ways to Spend Awesome Time During Long Layovers By Packing Light

Flying long hours will take its toll on you and so will having long waits at the airports. Although these transit flights are inevitable, there are lots of tips to make them easier.

When it comes to luggage you bring with you in the cabin, packing lightly can provide opportunities to enhance your layover time. Here’s five ideas to help you decide how to spend your layover.

Packing Light Tips

Before continuing, you should probably know the basics of traveling light. There’s not a lot of items you need to keep with you. Once you decide what you’ll do on your layover, you’ll better shape this list.

A few key items to have are:

  • A change of clothes
  • Travel-size toiletries
  • Cell phone charger
  • Medical prescription(s)
  • Important travel documents

Check Out an Event or Attraction

Instead of looking at pictures of all the amazing places your connecting city has to offer, go visit one. Companies that sell tailor made components of holidays like Freedom Destinations are perfect for layover excursions.If you’re a sports fan, look at the local teams’ schedules to see if you can catch a game during your layover. If you’re more into art and culture, look for a museum nearby to visit.

The lighter you pack during your layover, the more room you have for some additional souvenirs from places you visit. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either because several cities have attractions that are free. For example, here is a list of some free and low cost attractions in Singapore if that’s where your layover happens to be.

Get a Workout In

Do you fear not getting your daily workout routine in because you’re traveling? Airports have started including areas and gyms for those who would like to exercise. Depending on your exercise of choice, this is when choosing from one of the best luggage sets will make sure you have a cabin bag perfect for you.

If yoga is your exercise of choice, you can find a cabin bag to fit your yoga mat, so you can find a relaxing area and lay it out. Airportgym.com can tell you if your connecting airport has a gym with cardio machines and weights for lifting. Also, if you’re a member of a national gym, you can find the nearest location to the airport, get yourself there, and ask for a day pass if you need one.

Seek Out a Local Food Favorite

Layovers are a great opportunity to indulge in local cuisine. Airport food can be quite expensive, so look for a local favorite to spend your money at instead and eat like a local. If you have friends in the area, see if they’ll pick you up so you can get some food and spend time catching up.

Watch a Movie

Maybe you haven’t made it to the movie theatre in a while, so find a nearby movie theatre to catch a movie. There shouldn’t be an issue with bringing in your belongings if you’re traveling light. You might be able to combine this with a good meal if the theatre is near a popular restaurant.

If you’d rather not leave the airport, you can sign in to your favorite streaming service on your phone or laptop. You might need to pay a couple bucks for Wi-Fi if it isn’t free, but it could be worth it to satisfy your entertainment needs.

Get Some Sleep

According to Dictionary.com, a layover is defined as “a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey.” Why not get some actual rest?

Some airports have added hotels within the airport, so travelers don’t have to go too far for some quality rest between flights. Pack an extra change of clothes and travel size toiletries, in case you have an opportunity to take a shower.

If there is not a hotel in the airport, you can look for another hotel or location on Airbnb close by that can accommodate you for a few hours.

You may think of another effective way to spend your layover, but packing light opens up more opportunities than having heavy luggage. Plan out your layover time to pack as lightly as possible and still be prepared for your adventure while you await the next stage of your journey.