5 Unique Hen-Do Ideas You Definitely Haven’t Thought Of!

We all know how important the hen-do is to wedding traditions.  However, if you are tasked with organising the hen-do of a close friend or relative, you may have considered all the usual ideas; but, really are looking for something a little bit unique.

Although hen-dos are often an excuse to get really drunk and wave goodbye to singlehood, they don’t need to revolve around drinking lots, partying hard and male strippers.  In the following post, we will look at 5 unique ideas in particular for that special hen-do, that you definitely haven’t thought of.

  1. Escape Room Challenge

Over the last couple of years, so-called ‘Escape Rooms‘ have become incredibly popular as team-building exercises or just for groups of friends looking for something fun that teases their brain.  They are interactive and fast-paced puzzles.  Essentially you are locked in a room in a small group, where you need to solve a series of puzzles and work out clues using your collective skills and brainpower, in order to get out of the room.

For a hen-do, you will often be split into two separate groups and then it becomes a challenge to see which team escapes their room first.  Generally, you are only given an hour to solve the clues and puzzles and escape before you are locked in their forever! (okay, as a disclaimer, it is important we highlight that you will not be locked in there forever!)

  1. Roller Disco

Do you remember with a warm heart heading to your friend’s birthday party or that night out at the roller disco?  Even if you don’t but love all things kitsch, you and everyone in the hen party can take a truly funky step back in time by having your own roller disco hen-do.  Dress up in your glad rags, get those skates on and skate or dance under the glitter-ball to those big disco hits of the 70s and many other pop classics too.

  1. Paddle Boarding

We are sure you weren’t expecting to see this on the list, but it could still be a fun way to spend time with the girls before the big day.  In order to successfully paddle board, you need to have nigh on perfect, co-ordination, balance and composure.  However, as you are probably all going into it as complete novices, we all know that someone will end up in the water.

With a water-sports instructor on hand to teach you though, you will learn all about the various safety aspects and basic techniques before you are unleashed on open water.  It may bring out the competitive side in you all, as you all vie for the title of Best Novice Paddle Boarder, but more importantly, you will create new and funny memories together.

  1. Gin Making

Gin is often regarded as Britain’s favourite tipple and if everyone in the hen party, particularly the bride-to-be likes a good gin or three, this idea might be right up your street.  There are distilleries that offer you the chance to learn how to make this delicious and refreshing alcoholic delight.  What’s more, you will be able to drink a lot of gin while you perfect your masterpiece and will be able to take a bottle of the fruits of your labour home.

  1. Bike Tour In Brighton

A bike tour is a perfect way to get a hen party off to a great start.  Particularly when it is one that takes you around the delights and hidden gems of the beautiful coastal town of Brighton.  Brighton is often known as the Hen Party Capital and by taking a guided bike tour around the city, you will be shown why a Brighton hen do is so popular!

Guides for these kinds of tours are passionate about the city and will show you things you didn’t even know existed, even if you are from the local area.  Don’t worry about whether you have the stamina for it though, as most bike tours are as easy going as they can be, don’t have any hills, including numerous stops and breaks for food and drink and crucially, are designed to suit the pace of the hen party.

There you have it, 5 truly unique hen-do ideas we don’t think you will have considered.  We hope our list has been helpful and enables you and all of the girls can enjoy a fun time that you will never forget.