5 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Scotland

If you’re planning on making a trip to Scotland in the not so distant future, you may have questions about a variety of aspects. Scotland is great place to visit for those who wish to look at amazing scenery, take long hikes, are willing to backpack and who have a strong sense of adventure. Before you set on your journey, plan your budget accordingly and don’t forget about Discountrue promo codes for Hotels.com that will help you book lodging and transportation with deep discounts. And now let’s take a closer look at the most important tips you’ll need to follow so that you can enjoy your trip to Scotland as much as possible!

1. North West Highlands Has Some Of The Best Scenery

Not only is this scenery some of the finest that Scotland has to offer, but it can also be reached by public transport fairly easily, a huge boon for the weary traveler. There are some unforgettable views to be seen as you travel, too, as Achnashellach offers hikers a choice between hiking straight up once they’ve arrived at their station or sticking to the lower level peaks for a more exploratory hike.

2. Rich Architectural History

Travelers who wish to see historical buildings should make their way to the Highlands, where you’ll find a variety of buildings that are steeped in ancient Scottish history. The remains of ancient settlements is something you need to see there, and they are old enough to lack a definitive origin. Head to the Far North East coast to check other stone age buildings and be sure to keep your eyes open as you traverse the country and look for a wide range of ruined castles worth checking out.

3. Checking Out Wildlife

Scotland has a great deal of wildlife to discover, but the animals are not always the easiest to spot. However, if you head to the mountains, you could see buzzards, golden eagles, sea eagles, deer and mountain hares, of course. It is important to note that you will be lucky to catch a glimpse of these animals, so patience is key. Pine martens and otters are also abundant.

4. Beer Sampling

Because what would a trip to Scotland be without a healthy sampling of the local brew, right? Looking to try some of the local ales during your trip? The Clachnaharry Inn in Inverness is one of the nation’s premier ale bars and also provides delicious food to serve as a base for your alcoholic beverages. The Clachaig Inn in Glencoe is another popular spot for would be drinkers or you can hit up the Kinlochewe Hotel in Kinlochewe.

5. Constantly Changing Weather

There are never any guarantees to be made when it comes to Scottish weather. As a result of the constantly changing conditions, travelers should prepare accordingly. Set your expectations for the absolute worst, so that you can enjoy the sunshine even more when it comes. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a place with perfect weather all of the time, Scotland is not the country to visit – it does have many other perks that make up for it, though.