5 Things to Bring With You On Your Next Snowboarding Trip



Now that winter is fully upon us, it’s time for us to go out and engage in our favorite snow activities. Since snowboarding is especially popular you may be ready to head to the slopes and tear up some powder.

Before you go, you might be wondering about what you should bring for your snow excursion. First and foremost, be sure to download the best weather radar app for Android so that you can be alerted as soon as there is some fresh snow on the ground (an iPhone weather app will be fine as well). Then, follow this list of other items you should bring with you.

Board Wax

Even though snow is made of ice and ice is slick, you can still improve your performance on the slopes by applying some board wax before you head out. While hot wax is ideal for long term, a stick of wax should be fine if you only go out every so often.

Extra Socks

If you spend all day boarding, then you will invariably become soaked from sweat or snow melting. While some articles may be okay with a little dampness, nothing is worse than having wet socks. Bring an extra pair so you don’t suffer.

Spare Goggles

After you check the best weather radar app for Android and see that snow is coming, you will want to grab an extra pair of snow goggles so you aren’t relying on the same ones all day. Goggles will get dirty and fogged up, so having a spare set means you don’t have to stop the fun.

Board Lock

Assuming that you are going somewhere that will have other people skiing and snowboarding, you want to take some extra precautions and get a board lock. Even if you aren’t necessarily worried about someone stealing your board, accidents do happen and someone may grab yours by mistake.

Tightening Tool

As you ride, you will wind up loosening the bolts and joints on your board. When that happens, you can risk wiping out or you can fix it. Don’t be left stranded on the mountain because you didn’t bring an all-purpose tool to tighten everything back up.