5 of Scotland’s Best Sightseeing Spots

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Scotland is the home to some of the most breathtaking locations in the UK, and its scenic views can rival any landscape around the world.

With a proud and rich heritage, Scotland has always been a country that sightseers from the rest of the UK have flocked to in numbers. Bigger cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow offer modern city-break experiences, while National Parks give tourists the chance to see some of Scotland’s beautiful countryside.

The Isle of Skye

A trip to the Isle of Skye will offer up more than just amazing scenery, but it will also give you an informative insight into the history of the surrounding areas. Here you will find calm watered lochs, steep, picturesque ridges that lead down to white sandy beaches and rustic villages to take a stroll around.

As you stand amidst the Scottish Highlands the heritage inspired museums, and visitor centres will give you a strong sense of what has come before, but the wide range of tourist activities and shops is a look into the future of the area.

Whether you want to sit back and take in the views, visit a historical attraction or take a boat trip across one of the lochs – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is home to some of the most diverse and stunning locations; it was one of two parks established in 2002 to make sure the surrounding natural areas and wildlife are protected.

With so much to offer regarding places to go and sights to see, the area is perfect for anyone who enjoys a country stroll, hiking or is enthusiastic about the local wildlife. Mountains and lochs provide the perfect backdrop for anyone who’s looking to take in the area’s more unique sights, and it’s an excellent place for photographers to come away with some extraordinary images.

There are some small towns and villages within the park where you will find a range of accommodation, cafes or if you want to learn more about the area, the visitor centre is sure to point you in the right direction.

Cairngorm National Park

Endless forests, mountainous trails, beautiful Lochs and even a mountain-top railway – Cairngorm National Park has it all. With such an enormous variety of activities, sights and places to explore it is the perfect location for a wide range of visitors.

The mountains provide the ideal setting for hiking and its snow-covered regions are popular amongst skiers, while down on the ground the forests and beach areas continue to be a draw for anyone looking for a diverse experience.

Nature and wildlife are a big part of what makes Cairngorm so enchanting; you don’t have to be an enthusiast to appreciate your surroundings, and it is an experience like no other.

City of Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh has a rich history, and it bursts with attractions and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring one of the surrounding castles, taking a stroll through the city centre or find yourself walking down a cobbled alleyway – there’s no doubt that Edinburgh is one of the UK’s historic jewels.

With so much to see and do Edinburgh is a great destination for people with different interests and hobbies. The city centre is a paradise for anyone looking for a day of shopping, and there’s a range of outdoor activities and of course there’s also local distillery tours for any whisky connoisseurs.

Scotland’s capital is up there with some of the biggest and best cities in the world; its heritage oozes out through classic architecture, and its increasing popularity predicts a future full of potential.

West Coast and the Western Isles

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then the white sandy beaches, endless open waters and mountain views of the west coast and the Western Isles is the place for you.

Its landscape is a fitting homage to the heritage of the western isles, an example of this is the stone circle at Callanish, which many consider second only to Stonehenge in archaeological importance. It sits just above Loch Rog an Ear and is situated ideally for a sunset to turn the stones into an enchanting golden colour.

Many of these areas are remote and secluded, making them the perfect setting for a weekend away or romantic trip. If you’re looking for something a bit different, the waters close-by have become a haven for surfers, and the local beaches are renowned for other types of water sports.

The destinations mentioned above are only a handful of the beautiful sightseeing spots Scotland has to offer. Whether you’re looking to embark on a family trip, activity holiday or romantic weekend away – there literally is somewhere for everyone. The rich heritage is celebrated throughout the country; the landscapes are breathtaking and cities demonstrate why Scotland is a great place to visit.


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