5 Reasons to Go Camping this Summer

Photo by Al_HikesAZ

If you think the summer is too hot a season to enjoy a good camping trip, think again. Forget the chill of the night air in the autumn or the rains that come with the springtime. Enjoy your summer holiday away from it all on a campground that will have you looking up at the stars at night and enjoying fun activities in the sun by day.

Not convinced you’ll enjoy setting up tents in the heat? Then continue reading for five reasons to go camping this summer.

Take in All the Beauty

Everything is in bloom during the summer. The trees are full of lovely green leaves and the grass is also green and lush. You can spend your days hiking, taking in the sights and taking photographs along your way, and then sitting down for a delicious meal with your family. At night, you can rest outside of your tent and look up at the stars if the night is clear, as the weather will have cooled down. And you can listen to the crickets and drift peacefully off to sleep.

Get Some Much-Needed Physical Activity

It can be really easy to just lounge by the pool during the summer or stay inside the house in the air-conditioned space you’ve created. But this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, and it can make you feel quite tired and lazy as well. To get yourself moving, you’d need to get kitted up with family size tents and other camping essentials.. Rent an air-conditioned cabin if you really don’t want to rough it in the heat, but make sure to get out there and hike, bike, swim, and turn off your mobile phone to reconnect with nature.

Reduce Stress and Feel Happier

Feeling the summertime blues? Then head out on a camping trip that’s sure to naturally raise your serotonin levels and get you feeling happy again. How does camping affect your emotions and serotonin levels? It all comes down to exposure to more sunlight and also becoming more physically active. Camping in the summer is also a great opportunity to unplug from the world and de-stress. Forget about checking voicemails, emails, and text messages. Instead, relax in the serenity of the trees that surround you, the birds singing above, and the warm sun shining down.


Again, exposure to sunlight is great for your body and your mind. So if you’ve been suffering from insomnia or you’ve been unable to really feel awake and alert in the morning, a camping trip can reset your internal clock and make you feel fantastic again.

It’s an Affordable Way to Take a Holiday

If you’ve been hoping to get away from it all for a little while this summer while the kids aren’t in school but you don’t have a high budget for an extended trip to some far-off locale, camping is an ideal cost-friendly option. This affordable activity will allow you to unwind and enjoy the natural world with your family, and you’ll be able to participate in activities that will bring you closer together.

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