5 Most Popular Fishing Destinations in UK



Fishing can be a recreational activity where you fish for your enjoyment and you can also fish for commercial values. Whichever it is, most of us will agree that none of us will definitely want to fish at spots where there aren’t any fish! Fishing to me is an addiction and I just can’t get enough of it. Here are the 5 most popular fishing destinations in the UK.

#1 River Test – Hampshire, England.

This 40 mile long River Test is one of the most or to be more accurate, perhaps the most popular fishing spot in the world especially for avid fly fishing anglers and is encompassed by Hampshire. It is known as one of England’s chalk stream rivers due to it being rich in minerals along with its water being high in alkalinity content. Not forgetting its crystal clear water which makes it every fly fishing anglers’ ideal fishing destination. Having that said, you might to use a fish finder to locate fish easily. (Check out the best fish finder reviewed in 2017)

What can I fish?

The River Test is most popular for its brown trout but other fishes also include the salmon, grayling, rainbow trout and the sea trout.

When can I fish?

With the brown trout being the top choice among anglers, the best time to catch them would be around in the middle of April until the middle of October. Keep note that the river is open for fishing for about 11 months in the year.

The River Test is so popular as a fishing destination for fly fishers that is has been feature as a topic written by various famous writers with one of them being Plunkett Green. You can also check out GoFlyFishingUK for specific fly fishing lessons conducted by them at the River Test.

#2 River Dee – Scotland

The River Dee is a favourite specifically among game anglers as it is blessed with tons of native brown trout that fights hard. This river flows in the north-eastern direction from Bailieborough before joining the Irish Sea. It’s one of the places where a diverse range of fishing technique will work.

What can I fish?

The River Dee is home to the sea trout and salmon that migrated from the Atlantic sea which are obtainable in the lower areas of the river. Do not forget the native wild brown trout which is famous for it.

When can I fish?

To catch your very own wild brown trout, the best time to catch them would be between early March until around the end of September. As for its migratory cousins, the salmon and the sea trout, early February until the end of September are perfect to catch them.

To fish in this river, you have to abide with the current rules and regulations as allocated by the Association. Keep in mind that fishing is strictly controlled in this area by private fishery owners and also angling associations.

Catch and release is a super popular thing right now which helps in the conservation of these species especially the salmon. This method also helps to protect their aquatic habitat and fish stocks.

#3 Scourie – Sutherland, Scotland

Sutherland is an oasis of serenity that is unparalleled unlike any other. There are a number of lochs located at the norther and western coasts where fishes are in abundance. One of the best lochs specifically for the trout is Scourie. Scourie lies between the famous Handa Island which is a haven for sea birds which is an ideal holiday destination on the west coast of Sutherland.

Scourie is a centre which is famous as it is a sanctuary for anglers who are looking for thrilling yet affordable fishing experience. Most of the fishing conducted there are controlled by the Scourie hotel or by angling associations.

What can I fish?

Scourie is famous for wild brownies and has been for many years. In their website, they have recorded that their guests have caught about 11 000 of them just last year. Sea trout are also available depending on your luck.

When to fish?

Since this is a centre managed by people, fishing hours are entirely up to guests visiting there only on one condition which is that they have to follow a daily roster plan that helps the management to keep track and to also ensure fairness when you want to fish at the lochs.

Note: They have a policy in which trout less than eight inches must be released with utmost care to prevent injuries.

#4 St Ives – Cornwall, England

St Ives offers plenty of fishing fun to enjoy be it fishing for mackerels, enjoying a family holiday on a boat or just relaxing at the beach.

Porthmeor Beach is a wise choice to begin if you want to fish. St Ives is a famous tourist attraction which is why you see hordes of people going surfing or swimming every day at the beach which is why is it important for you to go early as a lot of the fishing locations will become unfishable when the holidays begin.

What can I fish?

To begin, at Portmeor beach, you can catch the bass, flounders and dogfish even though dogs are banned throughout the summer there. If you find the weeds to be irritating, then head up to Mans Head at the end of the beach where the weeds are lesser.

At the Mans Head, bass is especially in abundance but sometimes there are also rays and big dogfishes available. You can also fish for mackerels and flounders here.

The harbour and pier of St Ives is a good place for mackerels and also different types of flatfish.

When can I fish?

Most of these fishes can be caught in the summer with the exception of a few which are the cod and flounder which happens to only appear in winter unless your luck is gold.

Tip: It is advisable to always fish when it is light out instead at night unless you know your way through and through in St Ives. Otherwise, it is extremely dangerous even with a proper guide.

#5 Calshot – Hampshire, England

Calshot is sought-after for its outdoor activity centre and especially its castle but for the locals, they take pride in fishing. Calshot is located on the edge of the New Forest National Park at the mouth of Southampton Water.

Like River Dee, some of the waters are controlled and owned by fishing clubs and associations so make sure to do your research before venturing in the waters to fish to avoid breaking the laws.

What can I fish?

Expect small black breams during the day. As for night, there will be silver eels, pouting, bass and small smooth hounds available along with flounders and dogfish appearing from time to time if you are lucky.

When can I fish?

Fishes in Calshot are the most active during the summer while in winter; they will slow down because of the low temperature.

So what’s your favourite place to fish in UK? If you have any comments or opinions, don’t hesitate to share them by commenting below. I hope you enjoyed this article and happy fishing!

Author Bio: John Lewis, an avid outdoorsman that has a strong passion in fishing and various outdoor activities. He blogs about his experience and tips over at http://epicwilderness.com/.