5 Outdoor Welding Projects

Whether you are a skilled welder or just starting out, there are many welding projects to try your hand at. With a bit of practice, your welding projects can even become a source of income. But even if you don’t have the time to spare creating items for sale, your welding skills can be put to use in your own backyard. Here are five outdoor welding projects to get you started.

1. Outdoor Dining Table

The beauty of welding an outdoor table is it will be much more durable in wet weather or coastal areas where salt residue is present. An outdoor dining table can be made from steel tubing simply welded together. You can dress up a plain design by welding additional trim pieces once the main design is in place. A steel table can be welded together by a compact MIG welder (like those available from WIA). For the more experienced welders, look for table designs with a glass top or timber panelling for decorative effect.

2. Toolbox

There is no need for expensive sheet metal bending equipment to build the perfect toolbox. You can make your own custom toolbox simply by cutting pieces out of aluminium diamond plate or stainless steel and welding them in shape. Aluminium diamond plate is a great versatile metal and it looks fantastic in the back of a truck once finished. The welded pieces will make your toolbox nice and tough as well.

3. Garden Bench

Garden and outdoor furniture has to be able to stand up to tough climate and weather conditions. Your outdoor bench can take shape quite easily with simply welding flat steel bars together. It needs to be sturdy, so choose thicker pieces of steel and make sure the cuts are precise. You can then add decorative elements to the bench arms or prime and paint it to suit your favourite colour scheme.

4. Fire Pit

Fire pit designs can be as simple or complicated as you like. A novice may choose to cut an existing drum (choose one that has not had chemicals or fuel in it), then attach a plate and steel legs. More complicated designs can include an ash pit and grate for easier cleaning. Making your own fire pit also means it’s built to fit the exact space you have in mind. They also make a great gift for friends and family once you have the technique down pat.

5. Bike Stand

Making your own bike stand is a great outdoor welding project for newbies. Using steel pipes, you can make a stand for storing your bike or for holding a bike you are repairing. The pipes don’t need to be more than a few inches in diameter and can then be mounted to a solid base plate. Most of these materials can be bought cheaply from a scrap metal retailer – so the whole project can cost less than $100.

There are so many welding designs available for outdoor projects perfect for the avid hobbyist or the skilled metalworker. What are some of your ideas for outdoor welding projects?