5 Awesome Hobbies You Can Try Outside

Summer is coming and, therefore, it is the perfect excuse to take some of your favourite hobbies, pastimes and sports out into the world. If you don’t fancy knitting in the park or doing Yoga in the street then here are some awesome hobbies, you can do outside.

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1. Photography

A popular hobby for millions of people worldwide, and one that definitely works better whilst exploring the great outdoors. Summer is the perfect time to grab your camera and start taking snaps of the scenery around you. It’s not important how expensive your camera is or whether you have a ton of equipment, just make the best out of what you have. Even an iPhone camera can take some decent pictures if you work hard at it. Just don’t cover them in Instagram filters! If you want to learn the basics then ask a local photographer if you can volunteer as an assistant for a couple of days; free training!


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2. Spelunking

We picked this one because it has the coolest name, of any hobby, ever. Actually, all it means is ‘caving’, but this is one extremely cool hobby you can do outside. Exploring caves is fascinating and will give you plenty of stories to tell your friends. There are plenty of groups that organise spelunking trips, as well as schools and training facilities to get you up to scratch. We would suggest not watching ‘The Cave’ before delving into the depths of your nearest grotto, however.

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3. Clay Pigeon Shooting

A quintessentially British pastime that is still going strong; clay pigeon shooting. Pick your shotgun, load up your ammo and shout ‘pull’, before turning those clay pigeons into shards. Even those who don’t like the idea of shooting or hunting will get a thrill from this outside hobby. There are plenty of places which still offer clay pigeon shooting lessons, all around the world. Don your favorite Tweed suit, your flat cap and get ready to shoot some clay. Toodle pip!

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4. Star Gazing

This is one seriously cool hobby, whether you’re into science and astrology or not. Summer nights are the best time to get telescopes out and gaze up at the stars above you. You don’t have to invest a fortune in your own telescope, however, as there are many organised star gazing sessions around the globe. Also, find out whether you have a planetarium nearby as they organise their own star gazing nights and lessons.


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5. Wingsuiting

If you have always wanted to know what it is like to be a flying squirrel, then wingsuiting is the outdoor hobby for you. However, those of a nervous disposition should probably just leave now. Wingsuiting involves donning a flying suit (a wingsuit) and jumping off of cliffs, mountains and anything else that is dangerously high. Open up your arms, and you’ll experience the sensation of flying, and an incredible adrenaline rush. You’ll need some lessons and training before being allowed to jump from the tall stuff, but this is one hobby any adrenaline junkie will love.

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So, which hobby are you going to try outside this Summer? Will you opt for something calm and relaxing, such as star gazing, or a white knuckle thrill, such as wingsuiting? Whichever hobby you decide to take up we hope you enjoy the time spent in the great outdoors.