4 Ways to Attract More Members to Your Sports Club

A simple business equation runs along these lines: the more (paying) members you have signed on at your sports club, the higher your revenue will be. But how does one go about bringing in more paying clients?

There are some tips below for doing just this but, before you implement any of them, you need to make sure that you’re retaining a healthy percentage of your existing members. After all, there’s no point bringing in new customers if the statistics suggest they’ll leave just as quickly as they arrive. Ways to do this can include upskilling your gym instructors to deliver better quality classes or upgrading the appearance of your facility by hiring a professional cleaning company like AMC Commercial Cleaning.

If you’re confident that your sports club is keeping its members, you’re definitely ready to try the below strategies for bringing in new ones.

1. Keep Abreast of Industry Developments

Whether you’re running a gym, squash or tennis club (or indeed any other sports-related organisation), you should always keep an eye on developments within your particular industry. Look at alternative uses for the spaces at your club. Is there an opportunity for you to incorporate yoga sessions into the venue when the squash courts aren’t in use? Would an additional personal trainer help to boost membership rates at the gym? Think outside the box and look at what’s happening in the industry; this way you may be able to get involved with an upcoming fitness trend that has yet to take off.

2. Promotions and Rewards

Incentives such as cash rewards and/or prizes such as drink bottles or vitamin supplements are an excellent way to boost your membership numbers. By offering cash bonuses and rewards to existing members who bring in their friends and family, you’re certain to see a jump in client numbers. Just be sure that you only pay out once new members are signed on, otherwise you may find you get a spike in enquiries but don’t actually get any new paying customers.

3. Look at Revising Membership Fees

One thing that puts a lot of people off when it comes to joining gyms and sports clubs is the fees. By abolishing that huge joining fee and replacing it with a slightly increased monthly membership fee, for example, you may find that potential members are more inclined to join your organisation. Naturally, you should examine the possibilities of this option before implementing any changes, as it’s no good revising your fees only to find that you’re losing money.

4. Competition

What are your competitors doing? What are they charging? If your club is charging $50 a month for membership while the club down the road is only charging $40, you may find that potential customers will be more inclined to trot across to your competitor’s establishment, unless you can clearly show why yours is worth a little extra. It’s also a good idea to look at the services that other clubs are offering. Is their equipment more up-to-date or do they have a broader range of choices when it comes to what’s on offer?

Do you run a sports club? Or are you a gym regular? If you have any suggestions for how a sports club can attract new members, don’t hesitate to share your insights in the comments below.