3 Ideas for a Luxury Midweek Break in the UK

Tired of the hustle-bustle of the city? Any time is the best time to give yourself a break, but when you only have a few days to enjoy, don’t waste them queuing at busy and boring airports because there are great things you can do just a few miles away.

From the most exciting outdoor activities to sweating out in a fitness gym, there are endless possibilities for anyone, to enjoy a midweek escapade that is out of the ordinary. However, if your idea of a midweek break is more of a luxurious disposition, there are myriad of options to choose from. Without a doubt, the United Kingdom has something to offer for every taste. So, whether you’re together with your friends or family, you will certainly get the best midweek break experience.

Before you go on planning for a luxurious midweek break, here are some ideas from House Parties that will surely help you in coming up with a memorable and exciting holiday vacation.

  1. A 3-Day Night Stay in a Forest

With so many exuberant forests in the region, an escape there will definitely be a fantastic holiday experience. Allow your mind and body to relax completely by going to some of the well-preserved forests like the enchanting Argyll Forest Park in the north and the alluring woodlands of the Blackwood Forest in the south.

Most of the forest parks offer luxurious cabins where you can almost do anything. Great amenities include an environmental-friendly use of hot tubs where you can soak your body and feel the essence of being one with nature. Aside from their beautifully-designed cabins, these parks have many exhilarating outdoor activities that will rejuvenate your body and soul.

Whether you’re up north or down south, spending you holiday in any of these areas blessed with wonderful vegetation and wildlife is an ultimate escape from the stressful city life.

  1. A Getaway down the Lake

A midweek break in the tranquil waters of the lake seems to be a perfect description of a divine midweek break experience. Whether you are alone, or with your family and friends, Lake House holidays is the best way to have a moment of peace and serenity.

There are many things you can do in a beautiful place like in a lake side. You can opt to stay at the comfort of your lodges, or paddle your rowing boats and explore the beauty of the lake. Moreover, you can also indulge yourself with a 5-star organic spa treatment offered in lodges like in the Cotswolds.

  1. A Trip to A Far Away Hotel

Perhaps, the most luxurious way to spend your midweek break is to be in grandiose hotel. It is a counterpart of what natural attractions can give to you.

There are many luxurious hotels to choose from that offers not just their heavenly accommodations, but also activities that will surely satisfy your thirst for pleasure. Guests in hotels especially in Limerick can do golfing and bowling. On the other hand, to those who are inclined to art and other crafts, painting and gardening are also some of the great things to do.