3 Gift Ideas For The Fitness Fanatic

Trying to figure what to buy the gym junkie in your life for Christmas/their birthday/just because you think they’re rad can be a bit of a nightmare. There’s so many different products aimed at fitness fanatics out there and it’s hard to be sure of their effectiveness or even if they’ll be useful to the recipient. The key is looking for items that are useful in a variety of training regimens and lifestyles. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


1. Personal GPS


If you’ve ever done any amount of cycling or running outdoors then you know how easy it can be stick to streets that are familiar. Boredom being the enemy of a proper fitness regimen, it’s a good idea to explore and peruse streets you’ve never been down before in order to keep your route interesting. But what if you have a terrible sense of direction and get yourself lost? A wrist-worn GPS is a perfect gift idea for the geographically challenged fitness fiend because it will not only tell you where you are and how to get home, it also records important data about your training progress so you can better track your results. There’s a lot of different models to choose from, such as the feature-rich Garmin Edge GPS, so be sure to look around specialty retailers like 99 Bikesto find the right one for you.


2. Hydration Vest

Hydration Vest

Hydration vests are fantastic for people who prefer distance or endurance training. Long cycling sessions or marathon running require constant hydration and no-one wants to be carrying a water bottle or lugging a backpack around because that means having to stop and unpack whenever you need a drink. Hydration vests strap comfortably around your torso and feature plenty of pockets for carting extra energy gels or water bottles with you as you go. Swankier models feature an over-the-shoulder hose with bite-guard that can be attached to your water bottle, allowing you to hydrate when you need to without ever having to slow down. Hydration vests are extremely popular and can generally be found wherever quality sporting or fitness goods are sold.


3. Travel Yoga Mat

Travel Yoga Mat

Keeping a regular training regime alive when having to travel a lot presents a real challenge. Unless they have a gym on-site, hotels are not often equipped to deal with anyone who has fitness goals